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Nero Express Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$141.00 ex GST

This is the perfect travel hair dryer with cool setting for travelers who are always on the go!

Whether you're going abroad and need to pack light, or traveling domestically and staying in hotels, this lightweight hair dryer is compact enough to fit in your suitcase so you can maintain and style your hair wherever you are.

It also has a convenient hang loop, so you can hang it in your bathroom or wardrobe.

And best of all, we've included a cool shot button for those days when you want to blow-dry your hair for long-lasting salon-quality—perfect for when you're traveling!

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Nero Flair Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$155.00 ex GST

Now you can get the perfect blowout anywhere with the Nero Flair Hair Dryer with concentrator nozzle.

The perfect tool to boost your creativity in hairstyling, the concentrator nozzle hair dryer is designed to direct airflow precisely to the area of your hair where styling or drying is needed.

Ideal for salon, hotel, on set, and personal use, it features two-speed settings and a cool shot function that can be used on wet or dry hair.

Its lightweight and compact design takes up minimal space in your suitcase or hotel bathroom.

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Registry Foldable Hair Dryer

$25.60 ex GST
High quality commercial grade foldable hairdryer. Handle folds for easy storage.
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Nero Luxe Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$182.00 ex GST

Tired of dry, frizzy hair that takes forever to style? Treat yourself to this tourmaline hair dryer.

It uses tourmaline technology that allows it to emit gentle heat that seals in moisture and makes your hair smooth, shiny, and natural-looking.

The variable heat and speed settings will suit any type of hair you have.

This top-of-the-line hair dryer is designed for salon, hotel, or personal use with a powerful motor that can emit heat at up to 2400 watts.

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Nero Professional AC Motor Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$243.00 ex GST

This quiet professional hair dryers  is an essential tool for any professional stylist with salon, hotel, or on-set needs.

Unlike the majority of hair dryers in the market that have a conventional DC motor that is extremely loud, this professional hair dryer features a whisper-quiet AC motor that provides consistent, strong airflow that won’t disturb others.

This means you can blow out your clients' tresses or your own hair without worry of total disruption to the salon or hotel!

And because it uses modern technology, it'll leave hair feeling smooth and shiny without additional styling.

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Nero Retrak Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$235.00 ex GST

With Nero hair dryer with retractable cord, you or your guests can now enjoy easy, convenient, and beautiful hair care on the go.

Say goodbye to the days of lousy hair drying and styling.

This retractable cord hair dryer is a ton easier to store or take with you thanks to a retractable cord, which also never tangles or gets silly knots in it like normal ones.

Plus, it has high power and a Tourmaline function for frizz-free and shiny locks.

This electronic haircare device is also an excellent guest amenity in resorts, bed and breakfasts, and hotel rooms.

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Nero Snug Wall Mountable Hair Dryer 1 Qty

$39.50 ex GST

The Nero Snug is a revolutionary wall mounted hair dryer for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses.

Have you ever wanted to provide your guests with a convenient, space-saving, and easy way to blow dry their hair?

If so, then this product is perfect for you.

It mounts on the wall and is lightweight enough for easy installation in any hotel bathroom.

This product is perfect for hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and any other business that may need a quick, convenient hair dryer for guest use.

Not only will you improve guests' satisfaction with this device but it also makes their life easier while staying in your hotel or lodging house.

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Nero Wave Hair Dryer 6 Qty

$169.00 ex GST

The Nero Wave 2200 Hair Dryer will make your hair dry quicker and with more shine than any other hairdryer.

Finally, a salon-quality hair dryer that's so light and powerful, you can take it with you on the go!

And we've even got a tourmaline defrizz function to make your frizzy hair look smooth and sleek!

Whether you're in need of a quick blowout before heading to work or want to touch up your style in between salon visits, this easy-to-use hairdryer is perfect for all hair types.

It’s perfect for salons, hotel rooms, and personal use.

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