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Meal Pack 1 – 24 Qty

$144.00 ex GST

These pre packed meals no refrigeration needed are the perfect on-the-go solution for any lunchbox when you're constantly running around.

With a wide range of delicious options, our packaged meals are also healthy, nutritious and no-fuss.

No more stressing about what to cook or eat, just grab yourself a packet of one of our mouth-watering, healthy meals, and you're good to go!

These meal packs are perfect for camping, events, and conferences.

Meal Packs

LePack has sourced the finest products to bring you a tantalising selection of Meal Packs. We have a strong partnership with many resorts, hotels, clubs, Airbnb's, hostels, and accommodation venues throughout the country.

What is a Meal Pack?

LePack's Meal Packs are an innovative, convenient lunch option that is pre-packed and doesn't require refrigeration as long-life products are used. This provides accommodation venues with a quick and easy meal that they can offer to their guests. They are flavoursome, plentiful, and perfect for on the go. Our Meal Packs can be given to guests as a complimentary inclusion or you can up-sell them to increase revenue.

Why should your venue have LePack Meal Packs?

Running a business takes a lot of work and finding the time to prepare meals for your guests/customers is not only time consuming but expensive. From sourcing ingredients to preparing food, cooking to cleaning, the list goes on. LePack Accommodation Supplies alleviates the stress by providing healthy and nutritious meals for you to distribute accordingly. They are filling and wholesome and feature many food groups to give your guests a complete meal allowing you to focus on more important things like customer relationships and service, after all, that is the driving force behind most businesses. With Lepack Accommodation Supplies, no one misses out we have options to suit every palate and we even have gluten-free options available. The items in our Meal Packs are fully interchangeable so, you can customise the items to suit. Inside you will find a showcase of balanced and varied foods that are appealing and exciting to eat. They are stored in an attractive fully recyclable package that looks great on show if you choose to upsell them at your reception. We have more than 16 years' experience in the hospitality industry and are well aware of the ever-rising cost of food, wastage and over expenditure. Having our Meal Packs on hand saves time and is cost-effective and convenient. As they have a long shelf life, they are easy to store and can be offered to hungry guests outside of kitchen hours. Our team work tirelessly to ensure that our food selections are well-liked and trusted brands. It is our priority that we meet our customers' expectations and that their guests are offering positive feedback about their Meal Packs. We are continuously looking for areas of improvement to bring you and your customers that absolute best Meal Packs that Australia has to offer. All are assembled by hand in a HACCP approved facility. Let us show you the LePack Accommodation Supplies difference, you can still offer delish food just without the fuss, mess, and waste.

What's included?

LePack Accommodation Supplies has two meal packs available, Our Anytime lunch Pack and our Meal Pack 1.

Included in our Meal Packs are a

  • A meal – 3 tuna varieties to choose from
  • A drink – 4 options available
  • Trail mix – 2 choices
  • Tasty snack – 3 choices
  • Tub of Fruit or Muffin
  • Jatz Crackers
  • Spoon and Napkin

Some premium brands included are, Greenseas, Just Juice, Bega, Brookfarm, Piranha, Arnott's, SPC and more.

With LePack Accommodation Supplies, you can expect a variety of mouth-watering foods in our Meal Packs. They have been chosen for their quality and popularity. The items in the pack are fully interchangeable which allows you to customise your meals to suit your preferences, you can even choose the packaging. Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. Each pack is $8.50 per unit and come in a carton of 20. To discuss the suitability of our Meal Packs for your business, get in touch with our friendly team.