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Apple Snack Pack

$202.00 ex GST

$5.05 per pack... $202.00 per carton (40 Qty)

The perfect snack pack with individually wrapped snacks for school kids and even for adults!

Your kids will love our new school apple snack packs that are not just healthy, but tasty too. They are perfect for kids that need lots of fuel and nourishment to get through the day in school.

Each individual snack pack includes a real, fresh mini apple to load up on vitamins, and yummy snack options like fruit juice, brownie/blondie, muesli bite, cheese & crackers, and Tim Tam.

So yummy that even school teachers would love them, too!

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Savoury Cracker Snack Pack 40 Qty

$208.00 ex GST

 $5.20 per pack... $208.00 per carton (40 Qty)

The Savoury Cheese and Crackers Snack Pack includes the following
  • Jatz
  • Cheese Wedge
  • Just Juice 200ml - choose from Orange, Apple, Paradise Punch, Ornage Mango, or Apple Blackcurrant
  • Choice of Chocolate Brownie 25g & Blondie 25g or Arnott's Milk Coffee and Nice
Perfect for any conference, event, minibar, picnics, and parties!
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Anytime Snack Pack 40 Qty

$212.00 ex GST

$5.30 per pack... $212.00 per carton (40 Qty)

The perfect snack pack treats to get your day or afternoon started with a delicious burst of energy!

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Gluten Free Snack Pack 40 Qty

$222.00 ex GST

$5.55 per pack... $222.00 per carton (40 Qty)

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Savoury Snack Pack 40 Qty

$188.00 ex GST

$4.70 per pack... $188.00 per carton (40 Qty)

The Savoury Snack Packs comes with the items listed below
  • Nuts
  • Shapes
  • Cheese & Crackers
  • Rice Snacks
This delicious cracker snack pack is perfect for any conference, party, picnic, event, or minibar!
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Just a Lil Cheesy Snack Pack

$222.00 ex GST

$3.70 per pack... $222.00 per carton (60 Qty)

Satisfy your cravings with our sweet and savory cheese and biscuits snack pack!

Fret not, hungry mouth.

Here at LePack, we want you to experience your favorite sandwich in the form of a light and crunchy bite-sized snack.

Each cheesy snack pack contains a Laughing Cow cheese triangle, which means you get real calcium to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Whether it's a movie night with friends or an afternoon in the office, our simple-to-eat and nutritious snack pack with cheese and biscuits will always satisfy your cravings.

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Sweet Tooth Snack Pack

$255.00 ex GST

$4.25 per pack... $255.00 per carton (60 Qty)

For the Sweet Tooth Snack Pack
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I’m Peckish Snack Pack

$348.00 ex GST

$5.80 per pack... $348.00 per carton (60 Qty)

This cheese and nuts snack pack is the perfect way to curb your hunger.

If you're looking for a satisfying, healthy, and filling snack that is also delicious, crunchy, and easy to eat, then you've found it. This prepackaged snack pack contains cheese and nuts to reduce hunger and keep you full longer. It's perfect for on-the-go snacking, quick lunches at the office or in your car, camping trips, road trips, or anytime you want something crunchy and delicious! It also makes a great handout for hotel guests heading to the airport.
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That’s Juicy Snack Pack

$213.00 ex GST

$3.55 per pack... $213.00 per carton (60 Qty)

Enjoy this delicious snack pack with juice and snack bundled together!

Enjoy the feeling of being hydrated and refreshed with this snacks with juicy pack!

It includes a Just Juice popper to keep one hydrated and refreshed, as well as Arnotts biscuits and Springhill Farm sweet treats when you need an energy boost and to improve your mood.

It's perfect for travel, on-go snacking, camping, hiking, afternoon snacks, birthdays, and events.

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Mini Meal Snack Pack

$303.00 ex GST

From $5.05 per pack... $303.00 per carton (60 Qty)

Now you can enjoy the joy of snacking in small, light, & healthy portions with these small snack packs.

These little bundles of snacks are packed with protein-packed canned tuna and a spoon for your convenience.

Serve them up as a mini meal when you're on the go, or as a satisfying afternoon snack to tide you over.

They're perfect for office desk lunches and after-school snacks because they're so easy to pack and have little bits of joy like Springhill Farm slices and Arnott's crackers in snack-sized portions.

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Brownie Snack Pack

$213.00 ex GST

$3.55 per pack... $213.00 per carton (60 Qty)

Kids are always hungry, so we created a new brownie snacks pack for kids packed with a variety of kid-friendly snacks.

Parents have told us that children often have a hard time making it until mealtime.

But that doesn't mean they have to be hungry and cranky all day!

With wholesome options like a Carman's muesli bite  and Tiny Teddies, our kiddie snack pack is the perfect snack solution for your active little ones.

It is a fun way to keep your little one happy and satisfied at home, on the go, or at school.

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Savoury & Sweet Snack Pack

$228.00 ex GST

From $3.80 per pack... $228.00 per carton (60 Qty)

Our snack pack for adults has the perfect mix of sweet and savory snacks all in one box.

Whether you're at work, out for a walk, or just need something to keep you going until dinner time, our snack pack has a little bit of everything to satisfy your taste buds.

It includes delicious snack choices like savory crackers, Arnott's biscuits, Springhill Farm slices, and choco bars.

Our satisfying little pack of goodies will get you through that long meeting, a long commute, or a long day of work as well as improve your mood and energy levels.

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Snack Packs

LePack has a variety of popular Snack Packs available that are ideal for hungry guests on the go. We have tried and tested a variety of brands to bring you the very best snacks that are tasty, wholesome, and nutritious.

Our Snack Packs are a hit amongst not only the adults but the kids too. Featuring quality, well-known brands such as Arnott’s, Tim Tams, Brookfarm, Just Juice, Damora and more.

What is a Snack Pack?

A LePack Snack Pack is a pre-packed assortment of snacks that have been designed to give out to guests at accommodation venues, events, or outings. Most are made up using delicious long-life foods so, there's no need to refrigerate or worry about waste. They are convenient and require no preparing or cooking.

With delicious flavour packed options, we have a Snack Pack to suit every taste. Here’s a rundown of some of our range to help you decide which ones may be best suited to your specific needs.

Anytime Snack Pack

The Anytime Snack Pack is full of indulgence. Featuring a decadent chocolate Tim Tam, a Just Juice popper, a number of different snack bar options, and an Orange & Poppyseed Muffin. Perfect for those sweet tooth.

Gluten-free Snack Pack

A growing number of people are living with gluten intolerances, so you must have gluten-free options available. Included in this pack is a Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix or Mt. Bogong Walkabout Mix, a gluten-free Roasted Nut bar and a Just Juice drink.

Savoury Cracker Pack

For those who love variety. Our Savoury Cracker Pack has a bit of everything with Jatz, a cheese wedge, an orange & poppyseed muffin and a refreshing Just Juice drink to wash it all down.

Kids Snack Pack

Keeping the kids fed is easy with this pack. With a fruit stick to start you can then customize the pack to suit, choose from Shapes or Tiny Teddies mini pack, a Milo Bar or Cheese and Crackers and a Muesli Bite or Apple Snaps snack.

Benefits of Snack Packs

  • Our Snack Packs are an innovative way for your business to stand out from your competitors and increase overall satisfaction which leads to more bookings and revenue.
  • They are a fast and practical food option that has a variety of snacks included.
  • Saves time, just grab and go.
  • You can upsell them to increase revenue by showcasing them at the front desk or including them in your minibar.
  • Well-recognized brands are used which makes them highly appealing to both international and domestic customers.
  • Fully recyclable packaging.
  • They are perfect for tired travelers that are hungry and want something easy and satisfying to eat.

Snack Packs come in either 40 or 60 packs per carton depending on the option you choose.

Our snacks are conveniently stored in a neat and appealing individual package ready to be distributed to your guests. Get in touch with our team at LePack Accommodation Supplies to discuss which snack options may be best suited to you or type in snack pack near me.