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Walkabout Snack Pack 24 Qty

The Walkabout Snack Pack providing a quick and easy solution to an on the go snack, ready made in a
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Anytime Snack Pack 40 Qty

Florentina Bar temporarily changed to a Nut Mix Variety
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Gluten Free Snack Pack 40 Qty

Florentina Bar temporarily changed to a Nut Mix Variety
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Savoury Cracker Pack 40 Qty

The Savoury Cracker pack includes the following Jatz Cheese Wedge Just Juice 200ml Orange & Poppyseed Muffin Perfect for any
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Savoury Snack Pack 40 Qty

The Savoury Snack Pack comes with the items listed below Nuts Shapes Cheese & Crisp bread Rice Snacks Perfect for
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Snack Packs

LePack has a variety of popular Snack Packs available that are ideal for hungry guests on the go. We have tried and tested a variety of brands to bring you the very best snacks that are tasty, wholesome, and nutritious.

Our Snack Packs are a hit amongst not only the adults but the kids too. Featuring quality, well-known brands such as Arnott’s, Tim Tams, Brookfarm, Just Juice, Damora, Beerenberg and more.

What is a Snack Pack?

A LePack Snack Pack is a prepacked assortment of snacks that have been designed to give out to guests at accommodation venues, events, or outings. Most are made up using delicious long-life foods so, there's no need to refrigerate or worry about waste. They are convenient and require no preparing or cooking. Our Savoury Cracker Pack is the only one that has a perishable item (cheese wedge).

With seven delicious flavour packed options, we have a Snack Pack to suit every taste. Here’s a rundown of our range to help you decide which ones may be best suited to your specific needs.

Walkabout Snack Pack

This Snack Pack features deluxe brands including Brookfarms Walkabouts mix, Nippy's Iced Chocolate, orange and poppyseed muffin, and Piranha Soy Crisps. These products can be interchanged.

Café Snack Pack

Our Café Snack Pack has been created to offer tasty treats similar to ones found in your favourite café. Included are a Nippy's Iced Coffee or Chocolate Milk, an orange and poppyseed muffin and a Brookfarms Florentina snack bar.

Grazers Snack Pack

For the ultimate taste sensation, you can’t go past our Grazers Snack Pack including a Brookfarms Mt. Bogong Walkabout Mix or Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix, Lavosh Bites Poppy & Sesame flavour, and a Beerenberg Tomato Chutney.

Anytime Snack Pack

The Anytime Snack Pack is full of indulgence. Featuring a decadent chocolate Tim Tam, a Just Juice popper, a Florentina snack bar, and an Orange & Poppyseed Muffin. Perfect those sweet tooths.

Gluten-free Snack Pack

A growing number of people are living with gluten intolerances, so you must have gluten-free options available. Included in this pack is a Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix or Mt. Bogong Walkabout Mix, a Florentina snack bar with Belgian Chocolate and Macadamias and a Just Juice drink.

Savoury Cracker Pack

For those who love variety. Our Savoury Cracker Pack has a bit of everything with Jatz, a cheese wedge, an orange & poppyseed muffin and a refreshing Just Juice drink to wash it all down.

Savoury Snack Pack

If the Savoury Cracker Pack isn’t savoury enough for you, our Savoury Snack Pack will be. Included are nuts, Shapes, cheese & crispbread, and rice snacks.

Benefits of Snack Packs

  • Our Snack Packs are an innovative way for your business to stand out from your competitors and increase overall satisfaction which leads to more bookings and revenue.
  • They are a fast and practical food option that has a variety of snacks included.
  • Saves time, just grab and go.
  • You can upsell them to increase revenue by showcasing them at the front desk or including them in your minibar.
  • Well-recognised brands are used which makes them highly appealing to both international and domestic customers.
  • Fully recyclable packaging.
  • They are perfect for tired travellers that are hungry and want something easy and satisfying to eat.

All come in a pack of 40 except for our Walkabout Snack Pack that has 24 units per pack.

Our snacks are conveniently stored in a neat and appealing individual package ready to be distributed to your guests. Get in touch with our team at LePack to discuss which snack options may be best suited to you.