LePack offers a comprehensive array of wholesale electrical appliances and devices for your hotel, motel, serviced apartments, resort, holiday cabins, ski lodge, corporate offices, hospital, university or school. Our stocked brands are reliable, durable and easy to use. Talk to us about your next bulk purchase of clock radios, fans, fridges, mini fridges, hair dryers, irons, kettles, lamps, microwaves, sandwich and grill presses, toasters, torches and vacuums. We also supply wholesale travel adaptors that you can offer for your guests’, patients’, students’ or visitors’ convenience. Reasonable minimum orders apply. View our sub-categories below and click through to browse the full product range.

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Wholesale electrical hospitality equipment that helps guests feel at home

Providing comfortable, workable accommodation for your guests depends on the availability of convenient electrical appliances and devices that give them some self-sufficiency. Depending on your property type, your guests may require minimal refrigeration and cooking equipment, or they may appreciate more comprehensive facilities. LePack has assembled a comprehensive array of practical, easy-to-use wholesale electrical items at competitive prices.

Wholesale fans, blowers, heaters, clock radios and lamps

Enable guests to cool or warm their space with our assortment of wholesale hotel room fans, blowers and heaters. Bedside clock radios and lamps are expected by hotel and motel guests and we can also supply you with handy wholesale emergency torches for guest use.

Wholesale hair dryers and irons for guest use

Hair dryers are a must for accommodation properties and widely expected by guests to be on hand. LePack has selected several styles for you to choose from including wall-mountable, compact and full-size. Irons, too are important and we can supply you with wholesale irons across the budget range as well as iron caddies and iron cleaner.

Wholesale hotel fridges and mini bars

Of course, your guests will need a refrigerator of some sort and we can supply wholesale mini fridges, bar fridges, wine fridges and full-size family fridges for your accommodation property. For meal preparation, we offer a variety of wholesale kettles, toasters, microwave ovens and sandwich and grill presses.

Wholesale vacuum cleaners for guest use

Make it easy for guests to manage accidental spills with the provision of one of wholesale vacuum cleaners between housekeeping visits. Our wholesale vacuum cleaner range features hand-held vacuums, bagless vacuums and wet and dry vacuums and we also stock the vacuum bags to suit.

Travel adaptors for accommodation properties

LePack also offer wholesale travel adaptors for you to loan or on-sell.

Wholesale air treatment machine for hotel rooms

For powerful odour elimination and mould control, LePack offers the Nero 7G Series 2 Ozone Machine.

You can browse and order our wholesale electrical appliances and devices for hotels, motels, motor inns and other accommodation properties online. We offer Australia-wide delivery, and will ship direct to your hotel door. Alternatively, email us [email protected] or contact us on 1300 537 225 or to discuss your requirements and we will put together a list of appropriate products.