Catering to guests and customers often calls for individual serve food and beverage items and LePack is perfectly positioned to fulfil those requirements. We offer a comprehensive array of wholesale individual serve sachets, jars and packs for you to utilise as mini bar offerings, on room service trays, at the table, in takeaway packs and as part of your tea and coffee making facilities. Individual serves minimise food and beverage waste and prevent cross-contamination while providing convenient, practical options that your guests will appreciate. Take a look at our individual departments for products that will satisfy your guests through all meals and snacks of the day, from breakfast to late night treats.

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Sticks & Sachets (7)

Tea/Coffee & Hot Chocolate (32)

Cereals, Muesli and Granola (16)

Juices (5)

Milk (2)

Sauces, Jams & Spreads (25)

Snacks (30)

Aurora Premium Tea Bags 500s

Available in bulk packs containing 500 tea bags sealed in an envelope for ultimate freshness.
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Aurora Tea Earl Grey 150s

A fragrant and aromatic blend with a taste of citrus. Named after a UK Prime Minister, this tea boosts the
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Aurora Tea English Breakfast 150s

A rich blend that stimulates the senses allowing you to embrace the day. Despite the blend’s name, the cup is
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Aurora Tea Green Tea 150s

A tranquil, light and delicate tea. Originating from China thousands of years ago, this cup with invigorate and cleanse the
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Aurora Tea Lemon and Ginger 150s

Spice things up with this zesty yet warm blend. Lemon & Ginger is the perfect pairing to brighten up your
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Aurora Tea Peppermint 150s

A deliciously fresh and light tea. The peppermint works overtime assisting digestion after meals. Leaving you with a fresh minty
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Aurora Freeze Dried Coffee Sticks 1000s

Made from 100% Premium Quality Coffee Beans to give a rich full bodied Italian Style taste.
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Aurora Freeze Dried Decaf Sachets 500s

Available in bulk packs containing 500 sachets.
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Aurora Granulated Instant Coffee Sachets 1000s

Made from quality coffee beans, Aurora granulated instant coffee sachet is blended together to produce a rich, full bodied Italian-style
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Oven Roasted Macadamias with Pink Lake Salt 100g 12 Qty

$8.00 + GST per pack
  • Premium Grade Whole Macadamia Nuts
  • Rich in Monounsaturates
  • Hand harvested Australian Pink Lake Salt 
  • Oven roasted in our Byron Bay bakehouse 
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Oven Roasted Macadamias with Saltbush 100g 12 Qty

$8.00 + GST per pack
  • Premium Grade Whole Macadamia Nuts
  • Rich in Monounsaturates
  • Australian native Saltbush
  • Oven roasted in our Byron Bay bakehouse 
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Robert Timms 3 IN 1 Classic Coffee 10s x 30

Made with high quality freeze dried and sealed single-serve sachet sticks, you can enjoy your smooth white coffee instantly. Just add hot water and experience a delicious, sweetened white coffee.
  • 3 in 1 Coffee, Milk and sweetener for a perfect all round taste
  • Packaged in single serve sachets
  • 10 per pack, 30 packs per carton
  • 300 single serves per carton
  • 16.5g per serve
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Wholesale individual serve food and beverage items for your hospitality business

LePack are the champions of wholesale individual serve food and beverage products. Our business was founded on the success of our wholesale breakfast and snack packs and now we offer separate products including sticks and sachets, jars, cereal packs and juice and milk packs. Portion control and individual serve packs are so much more important these days as infection control is such a critical priority. Additionally, waste is minimised, more dietary considerations can be accommodated and choice is greater.

Wholesale sugar, salt and pepper sachets and sticks

Every café, restaurant, mini bar and guest room should now offer individual serve sugar, salt and pepper for guests and customers, in keeping with Covid-19 infection control directives. LePack can supply you with wholesale individual serve raw and white sugar sticks and salt and pepper sachets. Stock your tea and coffee making stations in-room, add to your mini bar and offer with takeaway tea and coffee.

Wholesale individual serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate

It’s always a pleasure to return to a hotel room and make your own cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. LePack’s wholesale individual serve tea bags, coffee sticks and hot chocolate sachets help prevent waste and contamination and are easy for guests to prepare.

Wholesale individual serve breakfast options for accommodation businesses

LePack offers an array of wholesale individual serve breakfast products that can accommodate a variety of tastes. We have classic Kellogg’s and Sanitarium cereals plus, for the more health conscious, delicious Brookfarm granola and muesli. We also offer Carman’s gluten free muesli.

Wholesale individual serve juice and milk for hospitality businesses

Turn to LePack for wholesale individual serve fruit juice that you can supply in your hotel rooms, mini bars, vending machines, point of sale at reception and at catered events. We offer bottled or popper-style fruit juices. Additionally, you can purchase wholesale individual serve milk from LePack, either in 150ml cartons or in 15ml portions.

Wholesale individual portion sauces, jams and spreads

Prevent waste, minimise the potential for cross-infection and give customers and guests a plethora of choice. LePack’s range of wholesale individual portion sauces, jams and spreads include Vegemite, Nutella, peanut butter and Beerenberg jams, marmalades, chutneys, honey and tomato sauce. We also offer bulk quantities of Beerenberg caramelised onion, tomato chutney, tomato sauce and smoky bourbon sauce and marinade.

Wholesale portion control snack foods

For the ultimate in convenience and choice, LePack’s wholesale portion control snack foods offer something for everyone. We have Arnott’s biscuits, vege crackers, premium nuts and trail mix, muesli bars, popcorn, gluten free snacks, beef jerky, mints, muffins and fruit snack packs.

LePack leads the industry in the supply of wholesale individual portion food and beverage products. It’s the foundation of our business and we are proud to supply some of Australia’s leading hospitality businesses. Our range is competitively priced and always fresh.

Call us on 07 5618 4917 or via email at and we will be pleased to prepare a comprehensive quote for you, tailored to your specific requirements.