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Aurora Freeze Dried Coffee Sticks 1000s


Caffe Aurora Freeze Dried Coffee - The Best Way to Start Your Day

An easy, affordable and convenient way to enjoy your favorite roast at home, in the office, or anywhere you go.

Not only do they taste great, but the freeze-dried process locks in all of the flavor and aroma for a cup of coffee that has no bitterness and is easy to carry.

These freeze-dried coffee sticks are also a great way to give your guests extra love.

Whether you are a hotel, motel, or resort owner, these coffee sticks will surely please your guests.

You can give them as a gift or leave them behind as a thank you.

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Aurora Granulated Instant Coffee Sachets 1000s


Start your day off on the right foot with a cup of our deliciously rich coffee - Caffe Aurora Premium Granulated Coffee.

With this premium granulated coffee, you'll be able to offer your guests something rich, hearty, and delicious. It's the perfect way to show hospitality!

Perfect for handing out to restaurant and café customers and perfect for hotels and motels.

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Aurora Freeze Dried Decaf Sachets 500s


Aurora Freeze Dried Decaf Sachets are a convenient and delicious option for coffee lovers.

These sachets are made from 100% Arabica beans, carefully selected and roasted to perfection by Aurora Coffee. They offer a rich and smooth flavor that is sure to please even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Restaurants, cafes, and hotel mini bars can benefit greatly from offering Aurora Freeze Dried Decaf Sachets to their customers. These sachets can be easily added to your menu and prepared quickly for customers. For hotels, they make the perfect complimentary addition to the mini bar, providing guests with a delicious and convenient coffee option.
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Moccona Classic Coffee Sticks 1000s

Moccona Classic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Sticks are a Medium Roast single serve stick; a hygienic and portion controlled way of providing coffee in environments such as staff rooms, hotel in-room and other single use occasions.
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Moccona Indulgence Coffee Sticks 1000s

Moccona Indulgence Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Sticks are a Medium Roast single serve stick; a hygienic and portion-controlled way of providing coffee in environments such as staff rooms, hotel in-room and other single use occasions. Mocconna coffee is a rich and aromatic blend that tantalizes the senses with its smooth taste, offering a delightful combination of bold flavors and a hint of sweetness.
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Moccona Smooth Coffee Sticks 1000s


Tired of a bland, watery cup of coffee in the morning?

Moccona Smooth Coffee is perfect for when you're in a rush, but still want to drink a quality cup of coffee.

This smooth-tasting coffee is so delicious that you'll never go back to regular instant coffee again.

Convenient coffee sticks that are also perfect for hotels and restaurants.

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Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee Sticks 1000s


Nescafe coffee sticks packs - a convenient and on-the-go option for enjoying your favorite Nescafe.

They're perfect when you're in a rush, on the go, or just can't be bothered with making coffee.

Kick back and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, no matter where you are.

With these coffee sticks, you'll never have to worry about your coffee machine breaking again.

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Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee Sticks 280s


Nescafe coffee sticks offer a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere.

Simply tear one up and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, even if you're in a rush.

You can take these coffee sticks with you while heading to work or school or even while dining out, making them perfect for those early mornings when you're running out the door.

With convenient and easy-to-use packaging, you're always on the go with your favorite Nescafe coffee sticks.

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INT’L Roast Coffee Sticks 1000s


Start your day with a perfect cup of coffee with these coffee sticks!

With these international roast coffee sticks, you'll never need to worry about running out of a fresh cup of coffee again!

These sticks provide long-lasting, high-quality, and roasted-to-perfection flavorful coffee.

They are perfect for hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

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INT’L Roast Coffee Sticks 280s


You know how great coffee smells.

You know how it tastes too.

Now, you just need to know that it's never too late for a cup!

Whether you're at home, at work, or in a hotel lobby, the International Roast coffee sticks are the perfect solution to coffee cravings.

Stop drinking low-quality drinks and prepare your palate for the best coffee ever.

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Aurora Premium Tea Bags 500s


When staying in hotels and motels, you should always have a high-quality drink to enjoy.

Aurora Tea Bags is the perfect drink for any tea-lover guests as it's handcrafted with a rich and deep flavor that will please any palate.

It can be served with breakfast or used for a variety of other occasions.

Try it out today!

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Aurora Tea Earl Grey 150s


There's nothing more satisfying in the morning than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea.

Make Aurora Earl Grey Tea Bags an addition to your morning ritual to start your day with a satisfying and aromatic cup of tea.

Aurora Earl Grey Tea is an invigorating black tea flavored with bergamot oil.

With this, you can also make the perfect cuppa to fight the mid-day blues or to soothe your mind while winding down after a long day.

Ideal for hotel and motel use,

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