Aurora Premium Tea Bags 500s


When staying in hotels and motels, you should always have a high-quality drink to enjoy.

Aurora Black Tea is the perfect drink for any tea-lover guests as it's handcrafted with a rich and deep flavor that will please any palate.

It can be served with breakfast or used for a variety of other occasions.

Try it out today!

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Aurora Tea Earl Grey 150s


There's nothing more satisfying in the morning than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea.

Make Aurora Earl Grey Tea Bags an addition to your morning ritual to start your day with a satisfying and aromatic cup of tea.

Aurora Earl Grey Tea is an invigorating black tea flavored with bergamot oil.

With this, you can also make the perfect cuppa to fight the mid-day blues or to soothe your mind while winding down after a long day.

Ideal for hotel and motel use,

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Aurora Tea English Breakfast 150s


In need of a major pick-me-up?

Aurora English Breakfast Tea Bags will get you going in no time.

Stronger than most teas, these are best for hotels and restaurants.

They can also be served with milk and sugar if preferred, making it the perfect beverage solution for occasions when a traditional cup of tea just won't do.

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Aurora Tea Green Tea 150s


A delicate green tea with a light and refreshing taste to leave you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and healthy.

Aurora Green Tea helps to maintain a healthy metabolic rate and can promote longevity in those who drink it regularly.

With its low caffeine content, this healthy tea is perfect for those who want the benefits of green tea without the high jittery sensation that other green teas can give.

Great for restaurants, hotels, and even your home!

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Aurora Tea Lemon and Ginger 150s


A drink that balances out the hotness of ginger and the tartness of lemon, Aurora Lemon and Ginger Tea Bags

make soothing, thirst-quenching tea beverages.

We love this for rainy days. But even on a cold day, our homes always feel warm and cozy with this tea.

Ideal for handing out to hotel guests or restaurant customers.

The comforting aroma of this herbal tea will help them relax and forget about the stresses of life.

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Aurora Tea Peppermint 150s


Whether you're looking to be refreshed or just enjoy a nice cup of tea, we have the perfect peppermint tea for you.

Satisfy that craving with individual wrapped Aurora Peppermint Tea Bags - made with real peppermint essential oil and not just artificial flavors.

The herbal blend is perfect for any time of day or night - and perfect for mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Order your bulk today and never worry about running out.

Because with these individually wrapped Aurora tea bags, you don't need to worry about it!

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Bushells Envelope Blue Label Tea 100s 12 Qty


Bushells Blue Label Tea is a strong, full-bodied blend of the best tea leaves.

As a trusted Australian brand with decades of experience in tea, we know what Australian tastes like, so Bushells Tea is blended for Australian tastes.

These individually wrapped tea bags are perfect for enjoying a hot cuppa at home, on the road, or in hotels.

And it's perfect for all occasions!

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Lipton Envelope Tea Bag 100s 12 Qty


You'll have an uplifted and refreshing experience with Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags.

Get ready to enjoy your morning better than ever before!

Perfect for catching up with friends and family, or just finding the balance in your busy day.

For hotel guests or restaurant customers, individually wrapped Lipton tea bags are a welcoming gift.

Lipton is a brand that you can trust and their tea has been brewed to deliver a perfect cuppa every time.

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Lipton Gold Envelope Tea bags 500s


Make your next event a teatime affair with Lipton Gold.

These individually wrapped tea bags are made from the world's finest tea leaves.

Delicious hot or iced.

Perfect for all occasions, from hotel guest service to in-store promotions, and everywhere in between.

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Aurora Black Tea Box 4 Compartment

Slimline 4 compartments black box with lid. Aurora logo inside and outside box.
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Aurora Open Tea Box 1 Qty


With the Aurora Tea Box Organiser, you can finally organize your tea blends and make them easily accessible.

Made of high-quality natural wood, this tea box has 4 compartments for your silky, green, black, and fair trade tea blends.

It is elegant and yet has a smart design that will be a perfect addition to every room - in the kitchen, in your office, café, hotel, or even at a party.

It's a great gift for the tea lover in your life or a practical yet beautiful addition to your household.

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Dilmah Tea Bags Enveloped 1000s


It's time to ditch your sweetener and get real with tea.

These Dilmah tea bags are the perfect everyday indulgence, ethically sourced from Sri Lanka.

Order them now and experience quality and fresh tea every day.

This bulk tea pack is perfect for stocking up in your kitchen or use in restaurants or cafes.

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