At LePack, we offer an abundance of choice in wholesale guest amenities for your hotel, motel, resort, day spa, holiday village, serviced apartments or other accommodation property type. Our range of wholesale guest toiletries – soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, etc. are categorised by ‘Classic’, ‘Executive’ and ‘Luxury’ and have been selected for quality, eco-friendliness and presentation. As wholesale travel size toiletries suppliers, we can be counted on for variety and service. Additionally, we can supply you with wholesale bulk product to use with our dispensers, plus guest amenity trays, sanitary bags, laundry and kitchen sachets, vanity kits, glass covers and coasters. View our sub-categories below and click through to browse the full product range.

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Pure Revere Shampoo 30ml 300 Qty


We all want beautiful, healthy hair.

But what if you could get nourished hair?

Our nourishing shampoo, with a fresh and hearty fragrance of blood orange, is formulated with antioxidants and vitamins to give your hair the nourishment it needs while keeping you looking good.

Made from premium ingredients, our Pure Revere shampoo is packaged in a recyclable squeeze bottle so you'll never have to worry about spilling it or wasting packaging.

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Pure Revere Conditioner 30ml 300 Qty


The only hydrating hair conditioner you need for moisturized hair that's not going to weigh it down.

Suitable for every hair type, and great for those who want to grow their hair out.

This Pure Revere conditioner will leave you feeling refreshed without the hassle of harsh chemicals or unruly tangles.

It's perfect for use in hotels and motels, so you can undercut the competition and raise your prices without worrying about the quality of your service.

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Pure Revere Hand and Body Wash 30ml 300 Qty


This relaxing bath and shower gel is the perfect way to pamper your guests.

With moisturizing ingredients and a refreshing, clean smell, this fragrant shower gel will leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and rejuvenated.

A perfect way to start the day, or wind down in the evening!

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Pure Revere Hand and Body Lotion 300 Qty


Whip up some self-care for your skin with this moisturizing body lotion for dry skin.

This product will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, and moisturized so that you can feel great about yourself.

It's your time to shine!

With the invigorating fragrance of blood orange, it's a treat for your senses.

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Pure Revere Sachet Soap 15g 400 Qty


Slim and tidy, these mini hotel-size body soaps are perfect for your bathroom, guest bathroom, office kitchen, or to take with you on vacation.

With a clean and refreshing scent of blood orange, these tiny sachet soaps make every day feel like a spa day.

Available in bulk buy at a wholesale price.

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Pure Revere Sachet Wrap Soap 20g 400 Qty


This wrapped body soap bar is a luxurious soap that comes in a unique design that is sure to be the talk of any bathroom it graces.

Its soft texture and fragrance can be seen and felt and will make guests feel pampered.

With a luxury hotel bathroom experience like this, your guests will feel like they’re in their own homes.

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Outback Essence Bath & Shower Gel 20ml 200-400 Qty


Time to treat yourself!

With this shower and bath gel, you will enjoy the purest bathing experience.

With soothing formula and kakadu plum extract that leaves your skin clean and soft, you will love how this bath gel leaves your skin glowing.

Make bath time a luxury with this skincare product.

It is perfect for winding up in the evening and it is even ideal for hotel use.

Outback Essence Body Lotion 20ml 200-400 Qty


Experience heavenly skin in one easy step.

Introducing the new travel size body lotion, enriched with Kakadu plum extract to give you silky smooth skin without leaving a greasy residue.

This nourishing, lightweight formula is perfect for travel and hotel use and can be used as a hand cream too!

Outback Essence Conditioner 20ml 200-400 Qty


You've never had healthy hair until you've used this natural scented conditioner!

This hair care product has a unique blend of essential oils that provides nourishing vitamins for your hair and scalp.

It keeps your hair healthy and conditioned, with a natural shine.

Made with Australian-inspired fragrances and essential oils.

Ideal for hotel and travel use.

Outback Essence Conditioning Shampoo 20ml 200-400 Qty


Dry hair? Damaged hair? We know the feeling.

That's why this nourishing shampoo + conditioner item is your number one hair hero.

It is formulated with natural desert wildflower extracts and gives a rich, luxurious lather.

Your hair feels soft and nourished after every bath. 

This conditioning shampoo is conveniently packaged in a 20 ml squeeze bottle. Ideal for travel or hotel use.

Outback Essence Shampoo 20ml 200-400 Qty


You deserve the best. It's time to stop denying your tresses the nourishment they deserve.

Treat your hair with this Australian made shampoo.

Its formula is proven to hydrate, condition, cleanse and protect your hair.

Sourced from Australia and made with ingredients that will soothe and nourish your hair while restoring its natural oils, this shampoo is the perfect way to give your locks the love they need.

Also ideal for hotel and motel use.

Outback Essence Bath & Shower Gel 30ml 150-300 Qty


This shower gel will leave your skin feeling smooth, clean, and moisturized.

With premium ingredients paired with Australian-inspired fragrances, every bath time will leave you feeling freshly groomed and invigorated.

It is perfect for those who want to pamper themselves every day with luxury items.

Ideal for huge families, frequent travelers, boutique hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts.

Wholesale guest amenities, toiletries and accessories

Every detail at your hotel, motel, B&B, Airbnb, holiday village or other property plays a key role in the overall satisfaction of your guests’ stay, even the small ones like the quality of your hotel amenities. With the accommodation industry as competitive as it is, a minor negative such as inferior toiletries could see your guests choosing to stay somewhere else next time.

Quality brands of wholesale guest toiletries in 3 value categories

Choose from LePack’s three value categories: ‘Classic’, ‘Executive’ and ‘Luxury’, to suit your property, room classes and guest expectations. The Lepack team recognise that hotels vary significantly in their star rating, luxury, and target audience. Our focus is to offer our accommodation providers with a diverse assortment of wholesale hotel amenities that are gentler on the environment and nourish and replenish the body. We have explored hundreds of brands to offer you what we believe are some of the highest quality hotel guest amenities.

Increase guest satisfaction and property ratings and reviews

When staying in a hotel, motel or other kind of accommodation, guests typically expect complimentary toiletries to be included. Many want to feel pampered and you can provide that level of comfort and indulgence in your selection of wholesale guest toiletries. It’s important to get this right. Regardless of your establishment’s rating, providing quality amenities can see your guests rate their experience higher.

Why choose LePack as your supplier of wholesale hotel guest amenities?

We partner with many hotels, Airbnbs, resorts and other accommodation providers throughout Australia and our dedicated team will work with you to select the perfect wholesale guest toiletries and guest amenities that are in line with your business’s vision and budget. We know the importance of making a good impression on your guests. It pays to use brands that are unique and that perhaps your guests haven't tried before, to set your property apart. With more than 12 years in the hospitality industry, we know exactly what guests are looking for when staying away from home. We have hotel amenity options that are environmentally friendly, organic and Australian made. They smell divine and are presented to the highest standard. Many of our brands are selected for their superior natural ingredients and greener approach to packaging.

What toiletries do I need to supply guests?

At the minimum, you should offer your guests shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash and body lotion. Extras include shower caps, sanitary bags, toothbrushes, razors, bath salts and vanity sets.

Some brands included in our range:

Kudos Spa: Transport your guests to a day spa with this contemporary and uplifting collection. Vibrant in colour, they add a touch of luxury to any accommodation stay. The Kudos Spa wholesale hotel toiletries collection is crafted with vegetable-based ingredients and is stored in environmentally friendly packaging. Oil, paraben and cruelty-free.

Pure Beach: Boasting tropical scents such as coconut and passionfruit, Pure Beach range of wholesale guest toiletries is rejuvenating and enjoyable to use. If this series doesn't put your guests in holiday mode, nothing will. Infused with vegetable-based ingredients to retain moisture, responsibly packaged and oil, paraben and cruelty-free.

You can browse and order our wholesale guest amenities online and we deliver Australia wide, straight to your hotel door. Or get in touch with our highly skilled team and we will put together a range that you'll be proud to offer your guests. Contact us on (07) 5618 4917 or email us [email protected] to get started.