When it comes to making your guests’ stay comfortable and memorable, it’s often the little things that matter. LePack’s wholesale kitchenware supplies include everything you could need for your guest rooms, from tea and coffee facilities, barware for your in-room mini bar and crockery to cookware, food prep utensils and cutlery. LePack offers an extensive range of wholesale hotel kitchenware for your hotel, motel, resort, backpacker hostel, holiday cabins or university accommodation. Guests will appreciate being able to prepare in-room snacks and meals as desired. Browse for wholesale barware, containers, cooking utensils, cookware, crockery, cutlery, glassware, jugs, knives, mixing bowls, tea towels, teapots and salt and pepper shakers and grinders.

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1.5lt COVER-ALUM 160mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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10.0lt COVER-ALUM 300mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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2 Litre Round Glass Casserole Dish With Lid 6 Qty

The 2 Litre Round Glass Casserole Dish With Lid comes with the features listed below Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher
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2.5lt COVER-ALUM 200mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set With Caddy 8 Qty

$349.95 $329.95
The 24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set With Caddy comes packed with the below items Consists of 6 Knives, 6
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3.5lt COVER-ALUM 220mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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4.5lt COVER-ALUM 240mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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5.5lt COVER-ALUM 250mm “PREMIER” 1 Qty

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Wholesale hotel/motel kitchenware for your guests’ convenience

The more comfortable you can make your guests, the more inclined they will be to return to your hotel, motel or other accommodation property for their next visit. The facility to prepare their own tea, coffee or snacks, or to cook a full meal if in a room with a kitchenette is invaluable, particularly for longer stays. Often, the kitchenware provided in-room can make the difference between choosing your property over one with lesser convenience. LePack is proud to offer a full range of wholesale hotel kitchenware that represents quality, durability and utility, and that your guests will be pleased to use.

Wholesale barware

Whether your guest rooms feature a mini bar, a full wet bar or simply offers an ice bucket and waiter’s friend, the wholesale barware you purchase should be commercial-grade and long-lasting. LePack offers wholesale wine/champagne buckets and stands, corkscrews, wine coolers and combo measures for mixed drinks.

Wholesale café ware

Tea and coffee making facilities are one of the most important items in a guest room, aside from the bed and bathroom. LePack can assist you with wholesale café ware including cups, saucers, mugs, coffee/tea plungers and water jugs that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and durable. Also view our array of wholesale teapots and tea infusers.

Wholesale food storage containers and napkin dispensers

LePack offers an array of wholesale food storage containers for your guest rooms, breakfast buffets and catering. Provide them in-room for guests to use for food storage or use on display in your hotel dining room, filled with cereal, dried fruits, nuts and other ingredients. We also offer wholesale napkin dispensers and napkin holders.

Wholesale cooking utensils, knives and cookware for your holiday apartments and communal facilities

If your accommodation property provides cooking facilities for guests, then you’ll also be providing cooking utensils and cookware. LePack can supply wholesale cooking utensils in the form of measuring jugs and spoons, can openers, vegetable peelers, potato mashers, slotted spoons, spatulas, tongs, colanders, garlic presses and more. As for wholesale cookware, we have pots, pans, casseroles, woks and ovenware. We offer an array of wholesale cooking knives and knife sets plus sharpeners and knife racks that will keep any cook happy.

Wholesale crockery and cutlery for your hotel and accommodation guests to use

Browse LePack’s range of attractive wholesale crockery for in-room dining which includes plates, side dishes, bowls and platters in a variety of colours. As for our wholesale cutlery, you can choose from big brands such as Stanley Rogers and Tablekraft, sets or individual units. We have everyday dining cutlery, pistol grip knives, steak knives, cake forks, cheese knives, pate knives, oyster forks, pastry servers and more.

Wholesale decanters, jugs and glassware for various beverage service options

Treat your guests to the appropriate glassware for their particular beverage preferences. LePack offers basic everyday glassware and glass bottles as well as more specialised wholesale glassware. Choose from hi-ball and short tumblers, tall glasses, red or white wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses and steins, mason jars, refrigerator water bottles, whiskey glasses, liqueur glasses and brandy glasses. We also stock a beautiful wholesale whiskey decanter set with two glasses. Jugs are important for water, juice and milk for your buffets, table service and for guests to use in their rooms. Our range of wholesale jugs features various styles, including stainless steel water pitchers.

Wholesale display stands and high-chairs for cafes and in-room dining

Take a look at our range of wholesale display stands to be used for room service, high teas, dessert carts and buffets. They include attractive transparent cloches and multi-tier wood and metal stands for cheese boards or petits fours. You’ll also find our wholesale high-chairs to be suitable for in-room dining and for your restaurant or café.

Wholesale kitchen accessories for hotels, motels, dorms and hostels

Whatever kind of kitchen facilities your accommodation property offers, making available a good range of kitchen accessories is important. LePack offers wholesale kitchen accessories such as dishwashing items, cutting boards, microwave plate covers, kitchen scissors, colanders, stainless steel cloches, attractive placemats, mixing bowls and graters. We have wholesale tea towels and salt and pepper shakers and grinders, all of which are of commercial quality.

We look forward to being of service when you are looking to furnish your hotel or motel room, resort guest rooms or university accommodation with quality wholesale kitchenware.

Contact us on 1300 LEPACK (or 07 5618 4917) to discuss your requirements or email us at info@lepack.com.au and we will be only too happy to put together a quote for you.