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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please find below our Terms & Conditions of Sale. Please note that these Terms and Conditions are to be read as part of the document in which they form a part. This may include a quotation, order or account application.

By ordering these products from Lepack, you agree to these Terms and Conditions:-

Due to health regulations once dispatched, these products are NON returnable.

As our packs contain a combination of products which attract GST and some that do not, GST charged will vary according to pack purchased.(Please refer to  ATO Ruling GSTR 2001/8 mixed supply may apply to these packs.)

Title of these goods is not transferred until payment has been received in full by Pack-It (Qld) Pty Ltd trading as Lepack.

In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred until the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.

Overdue accounts will be subject to interest at the rate of 13%p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.

Our Website Rules

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