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Mini Breakfast Pack Range

A smart start on a budget. Budget in name but not in quality, this product is a mini version of or breakfast pack. Like our leading range, the Mini Breakfast Pack will have the same fantastic features such as an extended shelf life, requires no refrigeration and has the added advantage of being in smaller containers that will make storage easier.

  • MINI BREAKFAST PACK RANGE – 24 per carton

    $3.75 each $90.00 per carton

    Default Options;

    • Cereal*
    • Milk
    • Napkin, spoon and bowl
    • Snack Bar (Carman's Muesli Bite)

    *Interchangeable products

    *Cereal Choice

    Breakfast Packs giving you the choice of 10 kinds of cereal.

    Variety Box

    If you're looking at creating a Variety Box, please choose your selection below and you must have a total of 24 Cereal choices to fill the carton.

    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 3.75 $
    • 4.15 $

    24 packs at $00 per pack

  • *Do you require Point of Sale material?

    Point of Sale Material

    To help increase the sales of your breakfast packs we provide complementary advertising material to be placed in each room in the form of tent cards and A4 flyers. With the addition of an A4 sign holder and A5 Breakfast display holder for front desk displays.

    Lepack PoS Material

    Choose your meterial below;

    Complimentary tailored to your Breakfast pack order to place in-rooms. Click here to enlarge

    Complimentary tailored to your Breakfast pack order to place in your in-rooms compendiums. Click here to enlarge


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 33 × 23 cm


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