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Vive Body Emulsion 40ml 200 Qty

$107.00 ex GST

Introducing Vive Body Emulsion - the luxurious, fast-penetrating body lotion for your skin.

Our lotion is light, non-greasy, and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.

It can be used in the bath or after a shower to help keep your skin healthy and fragrant.

It's also great for hotel and motel bathrooms

Vive Body Lotion 40ml 200 Qty

$100.00 ex GST

Vive Body Lotion has a stimulating scent that's both bold and elegant.

It's perfect for days when you're feeling sluggish, and it's the just thing to make your guests feel like they're at a high-end hotel spa.

This moisturizing lotion comes in a sleek, black squeeze container that's easy to slip into anyone's bag - perfect for traveling and on the go.

Vive Conditioner 40ml 200 Qty

$100.00 ex GST

Looking for a new way to feel clean and confident after a bath?

This hair conditioner for men is made with black pepper and grapefruit essential oils that will help your locks look and feel soft and shiny,

With its refreshing and invigorating scent, you'll have the fresh-as-can-be feeling to tackle your day!

This will get you compliments and make you feel like the man of your dreams.

This conditioner is also a good addition to every resort and hotel bathroom.

Vive Facial Fuel 40ml 200 Qty

$104.00 ex GST

Get an invigorating post-shave treatment in a bottle with this after shave moisturizer.

The best part about it is that you can use it for a quick fix even when you're on the go.

It's made with the perfect balance of moisture and skin care ingredients so it's good for your skin, too.

After a long day at work or a hard workout, Vive Facial Fuel will make you feel like you're heading home.

The bold scents are ideal for the hotel bathroom, too!

Vive Shampoo 40ml 200 Qty

$100.00 ex GST

Wake up to clean, refreshed hair.

Vive Shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping natural oils or leaving behind residue that can weigh your hair down.

It's a salon-quality product made for you if you're looking for a way to make your hair more manageable and soft.

This shampoo is perfect for hotel bathrooms where guests need to feel fresh, clean, and ready to take on the world!

Vive Shower Gel 40ml 200 Qty

$100.00 ex GST

Looking for a vegan and cruelty-free skincare product?

You've come to the right place! Vive vegan shower gel is a luxurious formula that is not only vegan but also cruelty-free.

We use stimulating black pepper and grapefruit essential oils to leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and smelling great.

With our luxurious formula, your hotel guests will never want to stop using this liquid bath soap.