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Tork®Advanced Toast Bags Botanical (Large) 250 bags x 4 packs

$57.00 ex GST

Toast bags, also known as sandwich wrappers or baguette bags, are a convenient and hygienic way to serve and transport food.

They are made of food-grade paper and are designed to keep your food fresh and warm. These bags are perfect for serving toast, bagels, croissants, and other pastries. They are also great for packing sandwiches and wraps for on-the-go meals. Sold as a carton of 1000. The Tork® Botanical Range includes the following co-ordinates:  Tork® Toast Bag Small Botanical Print  Tork® Glass Cover Botanical Print Tork® Cutlery Bag Botanical Print
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Alfresco All Purpose Catering Aluminium Foil 150m x 44cm

$29.50$164.50 ex GST
Alfresco All Purpose Catering Aluminium Foil is food grade aluminium, making it perfect for wrapping, cooking and storing a variety of foods. Available in single roll and 6 rolls in a carton.

Alfresco Caterer’s Baking Paper 120m x 40cm

$28.50$149.50 ex GST
Alfresco Caterer’s Baking Paper is a healthier way to cook with no need to grease or bake with fats or oils. Premium non-stick baking and cooking paper. Available in single roll and 6 rolls in a carton.

Alfresco Heavy Duty Catering Foil 150m x 44cm

$34.00$183.90 ex GST
Alfresco Heavy Duty Catering Foil is ideal for wrapping, cooking and storage. Available in a single roll and 6 rolls in a carton.

Alfresco Premium Caterer’s Film 600m x 45cm

$31.50$164.50 ex GST
Alfresco Premium Caterer's Film is a premium cling wrap for sealing in the freshness of all foods.  This is a perfect cling wrap solution for all foodservice wrapping. QTY: 1 roll or 6 rolls/carton

Aussie Biscuit Assorted Twin Packs

$53.00$144.00 ex GST

Aussie Biscuits

Each carton contains an assortment of biscuits in 6 different flavours of either a Jam Drop, Choc Chip, Short Bread, Anzac, Ginger Crunch or Macadamia Nut Crunch. Choose from either 60 or 300 units per carton.
  • 60 units at $53.00 per carton + GST.
  • 300 units at $144.00 per carton + GST.
  • Cartons are assorted with 6 difference flavours split evenly according to carton size.
  • Australian owned and made
  • Supporting disability workers

Australian Wool Blankets

$81.00$257.00 ex GST
There is nothing quite like the feeling of a quality wool blanket providing natural warmth on those cold evenings. With a selection of three stylish colours, the Australian Wool Blankets from Jason will be a quality addition to your bed decor. The added weight of a 400gsm blanket ensures that it is thick enough for those cold nights yet will still give your guests a super soft feel. The blankets are finished off with a silky satin border. Add some quality commercial sheets and pillows from our range to ensure a quality bed offering. The Australian Wool Blankets are available to purchase in single unit and/or carton quantities in sizes to suit single/double beds and queen/king beds.

Beerenberg Jam Ceramic Caddy

$10.95 ex GST
Beerenberg is a family-owned Australian company that has been producing high-quality jams, sauces, and condiments for over 100 years. Their products are known for their delicious taste and use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. To make it easier for customers to enjoy their range of jams, Beerenberg has released a 4 compartment ceramic caddy that is perfect for displaying their jams. Beerenberg 4 compartment ceramic caddy - a sleek and functional condiment holder that adds elegance to any dining table. Crafted with top-notch ceramic, this caddy boasts four compartments, each capable of holding a unique variety of Beerenberg jams. Impress your guests by displaying the diverse selection of Beerenberg jams in this stylish caddy.
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Blumme Organica Revitalising Shampoo 20ml

$14.90$95.00 ex GST

We all want beautiful, healthy hair that feels revitalized and refreshed after a wash.

Our Blumme Organica Revitalising Shampoo 20ml is made with organic botanicals and delivers a fresh citrus fragrance that will help you feel refreshed.

Manufactured in 20ml frosted recyclable plastic tubes. Ideal for properties that have overnight guests.

This shampoo is made from premium ingredients, and is CDEA and Paraben free to eliminate harmful chemicals. In addition Blumme Organica cares for the environment by using the EcoPure® additive – a revolutionary organic plastic additive that significantly increases the biodegradation1 rate of plastics and plastic products.

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Connoisseur Midnight Plastic Chopping Board x 12 QTY

$144.00 ex GST
When it comes to cooking, having the right tools can make all the difference. One essential tool that every kitchen needs is a good chopping board. The Connoisseur Midnight thick plastic chopping board boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Its robust composition is renowned for its resilience against scratches, stains, and lingering smells. Unlike traditional wooden boards, this non-porous plastic alternative prevents bacterial growth and odor absorption, ensuring a sanitary option for your culinary needs.
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Connoisseur White Chopping Board x 12 QTY

$127.00 ex GST
Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, a must-have tool in any kitchen is a high-quality chopping boards. However, not all boards are made alike. The Connoisseur White Chopping Board stands out as a top-notch choice that offers both durability and versatility, while also elevating the aesthetic of your kitchen, its a perfect addition to any cooking space. An added perk of the Connoisseur White Chopping Board is its dishwasher compatibility. This allows for convenient post-use cleaning by simply placing it in the dishwasher, taking away the burden of manual scrubbing. The board's durability against high temperatures also means you can use hot water and high heat settings without fear of causing damage. It is an ideal and effortless choice for those with hectic schedules in the kitchen.
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CoolMax Mattress Protectors

$31.50$218.00 ex GST
Everyone sleeps differently and for those who sleep a little "hotter" than others, they can benefit from the CoolMax Mattress Protectors from Jason. The 30% CoolMax fabric designed with a waterproof backing is designed to minimise sweat from reaching your mattress to eliminate those unsightly sweat stains. For convenient fitting, the CoolMax Mattress Protectors come with a 40cm knitted skirt to easily fit over thicker mattresses. To complete your bed offering, LePack Accommodation Supplies can provide a complete range of commercial linen products and protectors including sheets, pillows and pillow protectors, quilts, quilt protectors and more. CoolMax Matress Protectors come in sizes to suit single through to king size beds and are available to purchase in single units and/or carton quantities of 5.