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Nero 2 Slice Sandwich Press 4 Qty

$225.00 ex GST

A two slice stainless steel sandwich press that makes perfect, even sandwiches every time.

This sandwich press is the perfect product for anyone who wants to make a quick, easy, and mouth-watering sandwich.

Non-stick plates and a self-leveling lid will make perfect sandwiches every time.

Powered by 1000 watts of power, it can make two sandwiches in under two minutes.

Better than a traditional panini press, this is a perfect addition to your home kitchen or office, hotel guestroom, holiday home, or campervan.


Nero 4 Slice Sandwich Press 4 Qty

$279.00 ex GST
The Nero 4 Slice Sandwich Press comes with the features listed below 2000W Polished stainless steel housing Non-stick plates Indicator

Nero Deluxe 4 Slice Sandwich Press / Contact Grill With Timer 2 Qty

$439.90 ex GST
The Nero Deluxe 4 Slice Sandwich Press / Contact Grill With Timer comes with the features listed below 2000W Countdown

Nero Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum 1 Qty

$115.00 ex GST

Our bagless vacuum cleaner makes clean-up day easier!

This Nero vacuum cleaner is so light that you can use it like a broom without feeling weighed down.

Dust, pet hair, and allergens get trapped by our HEPA filter so you'll never have to worry about allergies again.

You'll feel proud of your clean house and breathe easier without the dust in your indoor air.

Put it on your Christmas list!


Nero Cyclonic Hand Held Corded Vacuum 1 Qty

$95.00 ex GST
The Nero Vacuum Cleaner – Cyclonic Hand Held Corded Vacuum comes packed with the following features 600W Bagless vacuum Combination

Nero 116L Bar Fridge White 1 Qty

$419.00 ex GST

This mini bar fridge for hotels fits in any room and is perfect for storing your snacks and drinks.

Our mini Nero bar fridge eliminates the need for expensive room service and ensures your guests have everything they need, from water and popper juice to beer, to enjoy themselves while they are on staying in their hotel room.

Equipped with 3 shelves and a crisper drawer, this 116-liter bar fridge can hold a jug of water, beer, soda, jams and spreads, fruit tubs, and more.

Nero 125L Bar Fridge and Freezer 1 Qty

$419.00 ex GST

Bring a little bit of the comfort of home to your office, dorm room, bedroom, or hotel room with this mini bar fridge with freezer.

With just the right amount of space, this125 litre bar fridge will make your life so much easier.

It has a freezer on top that lets you store frozen popsicles, ice cream, and ice for other items that need to stay chilled.

It also has an elegant white finish that will fit any home kitchen or hotel mini bar.

It also features two adjustable shelves and a crisper at the bottom where you can store snacks, canned sodas, juice poppers, bottled water, diced fruits, and more.

Buy this mini bar fridge now!

Nero 125L Stainless Steel Bar Fridge and Freezer 1 Qty

$432.00 ex GST

Keep your snacks, beverages, and fruits cold with this stainless steel bar fridge with a freezer.

You don't have to sacrifice quality or style in order to accommodate a mini bar in your space.

With our handsome stainless steel bar fridge, you can keep all of your drinks and snacks chilled and ready for consumption, no matter where you are.

It has the perfect size for any home bar or hotel room and will look great with any décor.

Whether you have an office break room or need a tiny fridge for the kids, we can help keep your drinks cold and your guests happy.

Nero 15cm Desk Fan White 2 Qty

$69.50 ex GST

The Nero white mini desk fans is a lifesaver for those hot summer days.

You can't go wrong with this small fan, which is perfect for home offices, dorm rooms, and small apartments.

It's powerful enough to provide cooling air on demand, but small and space-saving so as not to take up a lot of room in your home!

With two different speed settings and a broad, steady base, this table fan is also completely noiseless - you won't be bothered by distracting noise when you need to focus on a project or winding down after a long day drinking your favorite beverage.

Nero 20L Microwave White 1 Qty

$149.50 ex GST

This modern and stylish white finish NERO microwave warms anything in just a few minutes.

It is a perfect conventional microwave for heating and cooking breakfast, snacks and meals in a fraction of the time it would take in an oven or stove.

Not only is it perfect for hotels, restaurants, and offices, but it's also an indispensable kitchen appliance for every home.

Nero 23L Microwave White 1 Qty

$195.00 ex GST

No matter how small your space is, this small white microwave oven is perfect for you!

This compact microwave is small enough to fit in your dorm room, apartment, hotel room, or office and has an 800-watt power level.

So it can fit a bowl of cereal or dinner plate at one time, conveniently.

And if you're looking for something more than just a kitchen appliance, it's great for heating up a cup of coffee or tea too.

Nero 300 Steam/Dry Iron Non-Stick 6 Qty

$165.00 ex GST

With Nero dry iron with spray, ironing garments become easier and more convenient.

This new and improved version of the classic iron makes it a breeze for you to iron clothes, table linen, bedsheets, and curtains.

Thanks to the iron with spray function and improved design, it efficiently removes moisture from fabrics, making it easier for you to get rid of wrinkles from garments and make clothes look presentable again.

It is the perfect choice for homes, hotels, dorms, medical centers, vacation homes, and resorts.