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Minibar Presentation Tray

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Refresh your inroom with our minibar presentation tray. It is a good solution for hotel guest room.
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Melamine Rectangular Amenity Tray With Sides White 6 Qty

$84.00 ex GST

Looking for a way to beautify your hotel rooms?

Or maybe you want to organize your makeup brushes and cosmetics?

These easy-to-clean and durable white melamine trays are the perfect organizing and display solution.

These rectangular trays are the perfect size for displaying all of your toiletry items in a hotel.

They're also best for organizing makeup on your vanity.

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Presentation Tray Black 240x105x10mm 1 Qty

$11.50 ex GST

Our unique and stylish bathroom vanity tray is the perfect addition to your hotel or hospitality bathroom.

This rectangular tray can hold toiletries and other small items with ease, making it a handy accessory for organizing and decluttering your bathroom.

It's a decorative and functional accessory that is a must for your hotel bathroom.

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Presentation Tray OBE 50x40x33cm 1 Qty

$14.50 ex GST

Modern hotel bathroom users need the perfect place to store their personal and professional toiletries.

Introducing our sleek black bathroom display tray, a luxurious and functional design that elegantly displays your shower gels, facial wash, cosmetics, and other bath items.

Made from a durable material that won't rust or corrode in water, this black tray is the perfect place for your bathroom to look great.

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Presentation Tray Opaque 270x110x10mm 1 Qty

$11.50 ex GST

This elegant, durable presentation tray is the perfect addition to your hotel room.

Perfect for organizing bathroom items and reducing the clutter on the sink and countertops.

Easy to use, display, and clean.

Plus, it's useful for guests and front desk staff alike.

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Presentation Tray White 240x105x10mm 1 Qty

$11.50 ex GST

We've designed this white display tray to give your space a classy, modern, chic, and minimalistic look.

This allows for a stylish way to organize your space as this durable display tray can be placed on any counter or table.

Perfect for hotel, motel, inn, and restaurant use!

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