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Nero 300 Steam/Dry Iron Non-Stick 6 Qty

$165.00 ex GST

With Nero dry iron with spray, ironing garments become easier and more convenient.

This new and improved version of the classic iron makes it a breeze for you to iron clothes, table linen, bedsheets, and curtains.

Thanks to the iron with spray function and improved design, it efficiently removes moisture from fabrics, making it easier for you to get rid of wrinkles from garments and make clothes look presentable again.

It is the perfect choice for homes, hotels, dorms, medical centers, vacation homes, and resorts.

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Nero 450 Steam/Dry Iron Non-Stick Auto-Off 6 Qty

$225.00 ex GST

If you're looking for a safe iron that won't burn your clothes, you're in luck with Nero 450 Steam Iron with auto shut off.

You'll never have to worry about the iron overheating again.

Aside from having an automatic shutoff that turns it off after 8 minutes of inactivity, this mighty Nero iron also has a non-stick soleplate to keep your clothes neat and looking new.

With all these features, it's the perfect appliance for any fusser with many clothes to take care of.

It’s also perfect for ironing blankets, bedsheets, curtains, and linens in hotels, vacation properties, and resorts.

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Nero 500 Steam/Dry Iron Ceramic Auto-Off 6 Qty

$249.00 ex GST

With this ceramic soleplate iron, you can easily and confidently iron light-colored and delicate fabrics.

With a scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate, you can safely go about your day, never having to worry about scratching delicate fabrics again.

It also features self-cleaning features, so keeping on top of your ironing duties has never been easier with this important garment care appliance!

It is the perfect dry iron with steam and auto shut-off functions for home, hotel room, dorm, resort, and laundry service use.

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Nero 500 Steam/Dry Iron Stainless Steel Auto-Off 6 Qty

$259.00 ex GST

Keep your clothes looking professional, smooth, and wrinkle-free with the Nero stainless steel soleplate iron. 

You deserve the best. The Nero iron with steam and dry function has a stainless steel soleplate that can be easily cleaned to give your clothes the cleanest finish. It is also anti-wrinkle and makes clothes look like they went out for a professional cleaning service. So, stop thinking about buying new clothes every time you see yourself in a mirror - update your wardrobe with this professional yet affordable garment iron from Nero! Need an ironing board to pair with this product? Browse our ironing board section here.
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Nero 700 Steam/Dry Iron Ceramic Auto-Off 6 Qty

$273.00 ex GST

With this lightweight iron for elderly, you can help senior guests iron their clothes conveniently.

The hotel industry tends to cater to the elderly, but many times the old-fashioned heavy irons in their guest rooms can be challenging for seniors who are suffering from arthritis.

That's why Nero designed this light and compact iron.

It features a modern, ergonomic design and is made with a ceramic soleplate, which makes it easy to press clothes.

The self-cleaning feature ensures that they won't have to worry about cleaning this garment care item often.

It also comes with champagne trim, which is why this one little gesture can help your care home or accommodation business appeal to senior guests.

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Nero 800 Steam/Dry Iron Ceramic Auto-Off 6 Qty

$285.00 ex GST

Ironing has never been this easy with this dry steam iron press with extra long cord!

You can pretty much iron anywhere and anytime with the sophisticated Nero 800 iron, no matter how much space you have or how complicated the ironing board lies.

With its 2400-watt heating element, it heats up its ceramic soleplate in less than 30 seconds and has an auto shut-off feature that shuts off the fabric care appliance when it's upright or lying down flat.

It is perfect for hotel accommodations and laundry businesses that need a powerful iron for heavy fabrics.

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