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Vive Conditioner 310ml 30 Qty

$290.00 ex GST

Love your hair but hate those chemicals?

Try Vive Cleansing Conditioner: a lightweight, eco friendly hair conditioner made with black pepper and grapefruit essential oils.

It's a premium hair care product that will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

They're different from other conditioners because they don't contain any harmful parabens and phthalates.

It's a safe and healthy alternative to conventional conditioners.

Perfect for all hair types and provide unbeatable hotel guest service.

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Vive Shampoo 310ml 30 Qty

$290.00 ex GST

If you're looking for an eco friendly shampoo designed for Aussies, look no further!

Vive Shampoo has a refreshing scent, comes in an eco-friendly bottle, and is made without harmful chemicals.

This natural shampoo in a pump bottle is the perfect gift for your guests staying at your hotel or the perfect product to use in your salon.

Order our hotel shampoo bulk now!

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Vive Shower gel 310ml 30 Qty

$290.00 ex GST

You deserve a morning ritual that starts with a healthy, gentle, and delightful feeling.

Vive Bath and Body Wash is made to clean your skin and hydrate it - soothing it to the touch and leaving it feeling fresh.

For an extra spa experience, enjoy our shower gel for a relaxing bath before bedtime, or just for the sake of relaxation.

This is the perfect hotel bathroom essential.

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Vive Conditioner 5L 2 Qty

$68.00 ex GST

Vive is a premium, luxurious hair conditioner that restores and conditions hair with black pepper and grapefruit essential oils.

This 5 litre hair conditioner is perfect for hotels, salons, barbershops, and any other hair care service.

This rich and creamy product leaves the hair feeling incredibly soft and conditioned.

It has a wonderful light fragrance that smells like you're on vacation.

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Vive Shampoo 5L 2 Qty

$68.00 ex GST

High Quality, Affordable 5 Litre Shampoo for Hotel and Salon Use

We know it's a little indulgent to buy a 5 litre shampoo, but don't worry!

Our bottles are 5000ml and perfect for use in salons, hotels, or even your home.

Vive shampoo is suitable for all hair types, lathers easily to ensure a deep cleanse, and leaves hair soft, shiny, and smelling great.

To get huge savings, buy together with the 5L Vive conditioner.

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Vive Shower Gel 5L 2 Qty

$68.00 ex GST

Ah, the morning.

That haunting time in which you're torn between the desire to crawl back into bed or jump out of it and start your day.

If you can't decide, that's where we come in with the VIVE 5L shower gel.

It's a perfect balance between quick, effectively clean and a luxurious, moisturizing experience - be refreshed and ready to face the day with our shower gel!

This paraben-free shower gel is perfect for hotel, salon, and home use.

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Double Bracket 1 Qty

$32.00 ex GST
Wall bracket to suit two 310ml dispensers.
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Single Bracket 1 Qty

$19.00 ex GST

Add a little bit of quaintness and convenience to your hotel and motel with these Refillable Soap Dispenser Wall Mountable.

They're easy to refill and mount, so you can avoid the hassle of constantly having to buy new soap for your guests.

No more soap on the counter, no more spills, and no more wasted soap!

The single bracket dispenser provides a convenient way to dispense soap.

It is also perfect for use in the kitchen and office.

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