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Nero 116L Bar Fridge White 1 Qty

$419.00 ex GST

This mini bar fridge for hotels fits in any room and is perfect for storing your snacks and drinks.

Our mini Nero bar fridge eliminates the need for expensive room service and ensures your guests have everything they need, from water and popper juice to beer, to enjoy themselves while they are on staying in their hotel room.

Equipped with 3 shelves and a crisper drawer, this 116-liter bar fridge can hold a jug of water, beer, soda, jams and spreads, fruit tubs, and more.

Nero 125L Bar Fridge and Freezer 1 Qty

$419.00 ex GST

Bring a little bit of the comfort of home to your office, dorm room, bedroom, or hotel room with this mini bar fridge with freezer.

With just the right amount of space, this125 litre bar fridge will make your life so much easier.

It has a freezer on top that lets you store frozen popsicles, ice cream, and ice for other items that need to stay chilled.

It also has an elegant white finish that will fit any home kitchen or hotel mini bar.

It also features two adjustable shelves and a crisper at the bottom where you can store snacks, canned sodas, juice poppers, bottled water, diced fruits, and more.

Buy this mini bar fridge now!

Nero 125L Stainless Steel Bar Fridge and Freezer 1 Qty

$432.00 ex GST

Keep your snacks, beverages, and fruits cold with this stainless steel bar fridge with a freezer.

You don't have to sacrifice quality or style in order to accommodate a mini bar in your space.

With our handsome stainless steel bar fridge, you can keep all of your drinks and snacks chilled and ready for consumption, no matter where you are.

It has the perfect size for any home bar or hotel room and will look great with any décor.

Whether you have an office break room or need a tiny fridge for the kids, we can help keep your drinks cold and your guests happy.

Nero 46L White Bar Fridge and Freezer 1 Qty

$269.00 ex GST

The table top fridge is a space-saving and convenient way of keeping your food cool.

The table top fridge and freezer is the perfect addition to any home, office, or hotel room with limited space.

With 46 liter capacity, you'll have enough room to keep your food, snacks, and beverages cool, and don't worry about running out of space as the fridge also has a small freezer compartment.

Great for stocking up on frozen groceries, water, juice, soda, beer, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Nero White Bar Fridge 240L

$632.00 ex GST

Bring the modern style and convenience of a white bar fridge to your business with Nero!

Looking for a fridge that's both beautiful and practical?

Meet the Nero white bar fridge, the new standard for iced and cold drinks. With 240 liters of capacity to store all your beverages,

The white surface finish casing looks great in any setting - it will go with any décor and look sharp in the kitchen.

It has four shelves that are adjustable to fit any height or size of a container - and each shelf can be removed to fit large items like pitchers, too. This means more space for everything!

This bar fridge is perfect for restaurants, cafes, and hotels!