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4 in 1 Lemon 5L 1 Qty

Powerful disinfectant cleaner containing a high concentration of quaternary germicide which ensures broad spectrum germicidal capabilities.

Anti-Bacterial Pink Hand Soap 5L 1 Qty

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap is manufactured using gentle cosmetic detergents and lanoline moisturisers. Also incorporated is the well known active ingredient

Auto Wash 5L 1 Qty

Auto Wash is a chlorinated concentrated detergent liquid designed for use in dishwash machines fitted with liquid dispensers

Bio-Green All Purpose Cleaner 5L 1 Qty

The ideal multipurpose liquid cleanser, formulated to clean a multitude of soils encountered on a variety of surfaces. Contains natural

Bio-Green Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid 5L 1 Qty

Is a new generation cleaner with a unique mix of plant based wetting agents and foaming agents. The product utilizes

Bio-Green Fabric Softener 5L 1 Qty

Is designed to give softness and freshness to your whole wash. Particularly effective for towels, woolens, nappies and blankets. Makes

Bio-Green Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner 5L 1 Qty

Is a new generation cleaner and sanitiser with a unique mix of plant based acids and wetting agents boosted with