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Enriched Body Wash 310ml 30 Qty

$189.00 ex GST

Give your skin the best start of the day with Enriched Mild Scented Body Wash.

With a fresh and attractive fragrance, you're sure to love this gentle body wash.

Made with a combination of naturally and ethically sourced ingredients, you won't be able to get enough of our luxurious formulation.

Order this healthy skincare product in bulk for wholesale pricing! Ideal for dorms, caravans, hostels, boutique hotels, spas, and retailers.

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Enriched Conditioning Shampoo 310ml 30 Qty

$189.00 ex GST

WOW your hair with Enriched Conditioning Shampoo!

Enriched with natural oils and conditioners and made with pure, cruelty-free ingredients

This deep conditioning shampoo is a must-have for everyone who wants their hair to be luxurious and healthy.

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Enriched Hand Wash 310ml 30 Qty

$189.00 ex GST

Enriched Scented Hand Wash is enriched with moisturizers to soothe and nourish your hands - leaving them feeling soft and smelling great!

This premium hand wash will keep your hands free of dirt, grime, and body oils even during the most demanding days.

Available in bulk purchase ideal for Hotels, Motels, BNB's, Retailers, Caravan Parks and Hostels.

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Enriched Hand & Body Wash 5L 2 Qty

$60.00 ex GST

Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and hello to deeply moisturized skin!

Get that silky-smooth feeling back with our large, ethically sourced Enriched Premium Hand and Body Wash.

Our formula is enriched with vitamin E, A, and C to nourish your skin and leave it feeling soft.

Enriched 5-liter large body wash is ideal for use in hotels, motels, and spas.

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Enriched Conditioning Shampoo 5L 2 Qty

$60.00 ex GST

Do you want your hair to be shiny, smooth, and tangle-free?

Give your hair a complete and healthy boost with the Enriched 5 Litre Shampoo and Conditioner.

This hair care product will condition your hair like no other.

With this nourishing formula, your hair will be so healthy, smooth, and shiny that you'll never want to stop looking in the mirror.

Available in 5 liter wholesale shampoo dispenser bottles.

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Enriched Hand Wash 5L 2 Qty

$60.00 ex GST

Enriched Hand Wash Refill is a luxurious, gentle hand wash that leaves your hands clean and conditioned!

It is lightly scented with a fresh fragrance that lasts.

This hand care product is available in 5-liter bulk containers. Ideal for hotel, resort, and motel use.

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Double Bracket 1 Qty

$32.00 ex GST
Wall bracket to suit two 310ml dispensers.
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Single Bracket 1 Qty

$19.00 ex GST

Add a little bit of quaintness and convenience to your hotel and motel with these Refillable Soap Dispenser Wall Mountable.

They're easy to refill and mount, so you can avoid the hassle of constantly having to buy new soap for your guests.

No more soap on the counter, no more spills, and no more wasted soap!

The single bracket dispenser provides a convenient way to dispense soap.

It is also perfect for use in the kitchen and office.

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