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Micro Fresh Quilt Protectors

$14.40$205.00 ex GST
The Micro Fresh Quilt Protectors are a great way to reduce stains and damage and also reduce the frequency of cleaning cycles for your quilts. Wouldn't you much rather wash and dry a lightweight quilt protector rather than a big heavy quilt? With a premium quality microfibre outer fabric at a lightweight 90gsm, the Micro Fresh Quilt Protectors also include a zip closure for convenient insertion and removal of the quilt. Pair this quilt protector with our extensive range of quilts and quilt covers to deliver a stylish top layer on your guest beds. With sizes to suit single through to king size beds, the Micro Fresh Quilt Protectors are available to purchase in single unit and/or carton quantities of 15 for single and king single sizes or 10 units for double, queen and king beds.

Eva Clean Quilt Protectors

$25.50$371.00 ex GST

Keep your quilts clean, fresh and stain-free with the waterproof quilt protector from our Eva Clean range!

This quilt protector is made from thermoplastic polyurethane coated fabric, making it resistant from fluids, stains, and tears, and is easy to use with a zip closure for quick removal.

Keep your hotel bedding clean and healthy with this item together with the Eva Clean pillow protectors and mattress protectors.