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Nero Black Desk Lamp with USB Port 1 Qty

$63.00 ex GST

Ditch your old lamp, and get yourself this sleek LED desk lamp officeworks with USB port.

You deserve to make your work or study time more comfortable, productive, and pleasurable.

Get this sleek LED desk lamp that will maximize your office or reading experience.

Take advantage of its flexible light arm to illuminate any space or task.

You can also adjust the height for a comfortable view and use the USB port for charging your devices or connecting peripheral devices.

This is also a perfect budget-friendly gift for that loved one or friend who likes to read, study, or work in the dark.

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Nero Flexi Desk Lamp Black 1 Qty

$57.00 ex GST

Upgrading your study desk or workspace is easy with this highly polished flexible desk lamp!

Whether you're a student in a dorm room, a freelancer who is always on the go, or an entrepreneur with a home office, we've got the perfect lamp for you.

This study desk lamp with LED lighting will let you work in any position, with the arm and light being fully adjustable.

It also has an energy-saving LED light with a flexible head, which means you can be sure that the right amount of light is on the right thing.

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Nero Silver Desk Lamp with USB Port 1 Qty

$63.00 ex GST

Whether you're reading, writing, or working late, this silver LED desk lamp is perfect for any task.

This highly-polished silver desk lamp will do more than brighten up your day.

It has a variety of features to help you focus on what matters most, like the three brightness settings and flexible arm, which will make it easier to find the lighting that's perfect for you.

Add that to a modern design, and this is one purchase you won't regret to upgrade the look of any room.

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Nero Storage Holder Desk Lamp Black 1 Qty

$55.00 ex GST

Looking for the perfect LED study desk lamp for your home, office, or hotel?

This LED desk lamp has the perfect brightness for any task and is fully adjustable.

With a convenient storage tray, you can set up your home or office workstation just the way you like it.

Forget about the strain on your eyes or having to find a new light every time you move!

Buy this table lighting for reading, sewing, or completing projects.

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