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10L Stainless Steel Lobby Bin With Ashtray 1 Qty

$141.00 ex GST

Reduce cigarette litter with this stainless steel trash can with ashtray on top!

Introducing the first of its kind, a stainless steel trash can with a built-in cigarette butt receptacle that helps cut down on unsightly cigarette litter.

With an elegant yet durable design, this is perfect for hotel lobbies, offices, and other indoor or outdoor areas!

Buy together with our white bin liner!

Floor Ashtray Stainless Steel 5 Qty

$275.00 ex GST
8mm thick stainless steel Rectangular shape Angled lip for easy collecting of rubbish Thickened edges Suitable for outdoor covered areas

Wall Mounted Ashtray Cylindrical Stainless Steel 1 Qty

$131.00 ex GST

This cylindrical stainless steel wall mounted ashtray has an elegant design that adds to the look of any smoking area.

With a lockable, space-saving design and incredibly durable materials, this wall-mounted ashtray is perfect for smokers who don't want to pay the price of regular cleaning.

Say goodbye to overflowing ashtrays with this sleek 1.25-liter capacity wall-mountable design.

Perfect for hotels, resorts, hostels, and commercial buildings.

Wall Mounted Ashtray Grey 1 Qty

$98.00 ex GST

With our outdoor ashtray, you can stay outside and enjoy your cigarette without blowing ashes all over the place.

This wall-mounted outdoor ashtray is made with durable plastic that's weatherproof and rustproof.

It has an inner liner to catch ashes and other particles from blowing away,

It's lockable for privacy, and it can be mounted on the porch or out on the patio.

For business or hotel lobby use, this is also a great way to make sure that your clients or guests have their own ashtrays for smoking.

Windless Ashtray Black 12 Qty

$93.00 ex GST
The Windless Ashtray Black; Durable Melamine Removable lid to cover butts and ash Size: 115mm(L)x115mm(W)x50mm(H) Brand: Compass