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Crisp White Pillowcases

$4.80$260.00 ex GST

Add comfort and cleanliness to your rooms with these white poly cotton pillowcases.

Our 160 gsm crisp white pillowcases, made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton, are resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage so you are ensured to get a comfortable sleep every time.

They provide an easy way to keep your pillows clean and ready for guests

Available to purchase in single units or in carton quantities of 50 for multi-room properties like hotels, resorts, hostels, vacation homes, serviced apartments, and other types of guest accommodations.

Cotton Deluxe White Pillowcases

$6.00$293.00 ex GST

Sleep better with these perfect white cotton pillow cases!

Soft, breathable, and completely machine-washable, this luxurious slip made of 100% natural cotton pillow cases is an excellent choice for anyone who values sleep and wants a durable and comfortable pillowcase.

They're perfect for covering hotels and guest room pillows to help guests sleep pleasantly.

Made of elegant and durable material, they can withstand repeated washes and are perfect for large homes, resorts, serviced apartments, guest houses, and holiday homes.

Available to purchase as a single item or in carton quantities of 50 for deployment across multi-room properties, the range includes a standard size, standard with a 5cm tailored edge, and for king-size pillows.

Deluxe Pillowcase 145gsm 50 Qty

$161.00$189.00 ex GST

Sink into these luxurious white hotel pillow cases every night to enjoy a good night's sleep!

Refresh your bed with a luxurious white pillowcase that will make you feel like you're staying at a 5-star hotel.

This is the perfect pillow covers for any hotel, resort, or spa looking to provide the best experience to its guests.

With our machine-washable and durable cotton polyester blend thread, they will last for many years.


Satin Stripe White Pillowcases

$6.00$72.00 ex GST

Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, these white satin stripe pillowcases offer a luxe sleep experience.

With a timeless and inviting 2cm alternating stripe pattern with sheen, these comfy pillows offer an eye-catching harmony to any bedroom decor to help you or your guests sleep soundly every night.

Together with our satin stripe flat sheets and satin stripe quilt covers, you can complete your luxury bedding set to wow your guests in your hotel, resort, vacation rental, bed and breakfast, and cruise liner.

Australia’s trust supplier of hotel pillowcases in bulk

Discover our exquisite collection of hotel pillowcases, designed to elevate every guest's experience at your venue.

Choose from our selection of classic white pillowcases in bulk quantities, featuring timeless designs that effortlessly blend with any hotel room decor. Our pillowcases are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Plus, our pillowcases are machine washable, allowing for convenient and efficient maintenance while retaining their smoothness and appearance even after multiple washes.

Whether it's a luxurious satin stripe design or a classic and affordable option, our collection of hotel pillowcases caters to the unique preferences of any hotel guest. Elevate the ambience and comfort of your hotel rooms with LePack's bed linen collection and give every guest a relaxing stay.

Explore our selection of high-quality bulk white pillowcases

With our range of hotel pillowcases, your guests will experience the ultimate in comfort with soft and breathable fabrics that create a cosy sleeping environment.

Our pillowcases are designed to meet different budget requirements without compromising on quality. Our range even includes features like moisture-wicking properties to keep guests cool and comfortable throughout the night. With cost-effective options available, hotels can provide exceptional guest experiences while keeping costs down.

Check out our full range of bulk white pillowcases and find the right fit to suit your venue with LePack.

Crisp White Pillowcases

Crafted with high-quality materials, our Crisp White Pillowcases offers exceptional comfort and durability with a clean and timeless design. The soft and smooth fabric ensures a luxurious sleeping experience, while their easy-care properties make them convenient to wash for hotel staff. These quality pillowcases prioritise both comfort and aesthetics, providing customers with a restful and visually pleasing experience.

Cotton Deluxe White Pillowcases

Indulge in the ultimate comfort with LePack's Cotton Deluxe White Pillowcases. Made from premium-quality cotton, these pillowcases provide a soft and breathable surface for a peaceful night's sleep. Their moisture-wicking properties keep guests cool and comfortable. With a deluxe weight and dense weave, these hotel pillowcases offer durability and a plush feel. Create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in your rooms with these luxurious pillowcases.

Classic Pillowcase 160gsm

LePack's Classic 160gsm Pillowcases offer reliability and affordability. Made from durable fabric, these pillowcases ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear. With a classic design and crisp white colour, they blend seamlessly with various bedding styles. Despite their affordable price, they provide a soft and smooth surface for guests to rest their heads on.

Satin Stripe White Pillowcases

Enhance your rooms with LePack's Satin Stripe White Pillowcases for an elegant touch. Featuring a sophisticated satin stripe pattern, these pillowcases provide a silky feel for guests. Made from high-quality materials, they offer durability and long-lasting performance. The classic white colour and elegant design create a lavish and indulgent atmosphere in upscale hotels and resorts.

Deluxe Pillowcase 145gsm

LePack's Deluxe 145gsm Pillowcase offers a cost-effective option without compromising on quality. Crafted with a durable fabric weight, these pillowcases ensure durability and resistance to everyday use.

The crisp white colour and classic design complement any hotel room decor, creating a clean and inviting ambience. The easy-care fabric retains its smoothness and appearance even after multiple washes. Ideal for hotels seeking an economical option that prioritises guest satisfaction and comfort.

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