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Blue Pegs 40 Pack 12 Qty

$107.00 ex GST

Sturdy clothes line pegs designed to hold heavy wet loads without coming loose.

No more tying knots in your clothesline ropes again.

These clothesline pegs are the perfect solution to any laundry day dilemmas.

Simply attach one of these pegs to the end of any clothesline and you're ready to hang your wet clothes out on a windy day.

Get a pack of these laundry pegs for your home or housekeeping department, or give them as a housewarming gift!

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Folding Clothes Airer 12-Rail 10 Qty

$187.00 ex GST
The Folding Clothes Airer 12-Rail comes in the sizing below Colour: White Size: 74 L x 51 W x 90
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Laundry Basket 24 Qty

$230.00 ex GST
This White Laundry Basket comes with the features below Plastic oval basket with handles Size: 590 mm (L) x 460mm
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Retractable Stainless Steel Clothesline 6 Qty

$135.00 ex GST
The Stainless Steel Single Retractable Clothesline 6 Qty comes in the sizing below Extends up to 2.5 Metres Size: 90
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Non-woven Guest Blanket Bag 10 Qty

$85.00 ex GST

Keep your guest blankets and quilts always presentable and safe with this portable blanket and quilt storage bag that is made of non-woven material.

With a drawstring opening, it is easy to put in or take out blankets and other bedding from your closet, shelf, or under your bed.

So easy to use and designed for easy access so guests can grab their favorite blanket without the hassle of bringing down the entire shelf.

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