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Oven Roasted Macadamias with Saltbush 100g 12 Qty

$82.60 ex GST
A wholesome snack that tastes like home! Brookfarm salted macadamia nuts are oven-roasted and lightly salted macademias with saltbush, to bring out the natural flavor of Australia's most loved nut. With a touch of Brookfarm macadamia oil, they're delicious and come in a 100g pack.
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Oven Roasted Macadamias with Pink Lake Salt 100g 12 Qty

$82.60 ex GST

Buy macadamia nuts wholesale priced from LePack!

If you're looking for a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable snack, look no further.

Brookfarm macadamias are oven-roasted macadamia nuts with pink lake salt crystals, and they're perfect for sharing with your family and friends.

This delicious and sustainable snack is a perfect addition to any gift pack or welcome basket.

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Walkabout Mt Bogong Mix 35g 36 Qty

$57.00 ex GST

Brookfarm Mt Bogong Walkabout mix is a delicious way to enjoy a healthy snack.

This blend of Belgian dark chocolate, premium dried fruits, and exotic nuts provides a quick, satisfying energy boost that comes from complex carbs, protein, and fiber.

Enjoy every single crunchy bite of this healthy trail mix with your favorite fruity or nutty topping.

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Walkabout Nightcap Range Mix 35g 36 Qty

$57.00 ex GST

The Walkabout Nightcap is a delicious blend of gluten free mixed nuts and fruits - a perfect snack for your next camping trip, or a quick bite during the day.

Addictive flavours like muscatel grapes, pistachios, almonds, currants, and cranberries are sure to hit the spot.

With no additives or preservatives, this gluten-free healthy trail mix is a great snack yet still satisfying in size.

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Lemon & Yoghurt Bite Slice 28g 200 Qty

$195.00 ex GST

The Springhill Farm Lemon and Yoghurt Slice is made with a handful of our favorite ingredients - including whipped zesty lemon, Aussie oats, and a hint of premium biscuit crumbs.

Covering it with layers of sweet, velvety yoghurt makes it even better.

These individually packaged snack biscuits are perfect when you need something fresh and tangy - morning, afternoon or night.

You can have it as a snack to ward off sugar cravings,  enjoy it at work, or pack it for your hotel guests upon checkout.

It's our new favorite way to pair with our favorite beverage.

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Coconut & Dark Choc Bite Slice 28g 200 Qty

$195.00 ex GST

When you want a sweet treat, grab a Springhill Farm Coconut and Dark Choc Slice!

These individually-wrapped biscuits are perfect for outdoor adventures, long trips, or just snacking.

The perfect combination of dark chocolate and coconut is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Gluten-free and Australian-made, these bite-sized snacks are too good to resist.

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Arnotts Biscuits Butternut Snap Farmbake Choc Chip Portions 150s

$55.00 ex GST

Deliciously indulgent with Arnott’s Butternut Snap Farmbake choc chip Portions. Every bite is a delicious combination of buttery flavor and crunchy chocolate chips. Savor the taste of tradition with every bite. It is made with the finest ingredients and have been enjoyed by Aussie biscuit lovers for years.

Arnott's has been sharing its love of biscuits with families across Australia for generations and is proud to bake some of the world's best-loved biscuits - but we'll let you be the judge of that.

The Arnott's Butternut Snap Biscuits and Farmbake Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in a box of 150 portion packs.

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Arnotts Biscuits Farmbake Chocolate Chip and Scotch Finger Portions 140s

$55.00 ex GST

Arnotts Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scotch Finger Biscuits - every mouthful is an indulgent pleasure.

With 140 portions in a box, you can enjoy as many as you want without the guilt of over-indulgence because they're so darn good.

These delicious cookies and biscuits are made with care in Australia.

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Arnotts Biscuits Milk Coffee and Nice Portions 150s

$43.00 ex GST

Introducing a new breakfast experience with Arnott's Nice Biscuits and Milk Coffee Biscuits in a 2-in-1 biscuit pack.

Now you can have your favorite biscuits anytime with the convenience of these individually wrapped Arnotts biscuits.

Get at a wholesale price of 150 packs and enjoy this convenient combo any time of the day!

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Arnotts Biscuits Scotch Finger and Nice Portions 150s

$55.00 ex GST

Arnotts Nice Biscuits and Scotch Finger Biscuits are the perfect on-the-go, anytime snack.

These deliciously satisfying Arnotts 2 pack biscuits are the perfect snack to chuck into your handbag. You can even stash them away for a rainy day!

Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, these biscuits are easy to take with you and won't leave crumbs - perfect for on the go.

Available in packs of 150 biscuits and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

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Arnotts Butternut Snap and Choc Ripple Portions 150s

$55.00 ex GST

Get the ultimate biscuit experience with Arnott's two best mates - the Arnott's Chocolate Ripple and Butternut Snap Biscuits.

Indulge in the chocolatey goodness of the Ripple or savor the crunchiness of the Snap.

Whatever your preferred flavor is, you'll be left wanting more. Yum!

These delicious biscuits are available in a box of 150 tasty portion control biscuits!

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Arnotts Delta Cream and Butternut Snap Portions 150s

$57.00 ex GST

The best way to start your day or end your day!

Delta Cream Arnotts and Butternut Snap Biscuits are deliciously sweet treats that you and your loved ones will love.

A perfect blend of a crunchy biscuit with a creamy filling.

Arnott's Delta Cream and Butternut Snap Biscuits Great are great with your morning tea or an afternoon pick-me-up.

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