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Bath Mat
Dusty Primrose
Fir Green
Soft Sand
Warm Silver

Onkaparinga Avalon Bath Towel 4pk

$90.00 ex GST
Enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom with the luxurious Avalon Bath Towel from Onkaparinga. This 100% premium cotton popcorn style towel features a sophisticated waffle border, offering superior absorbency and softness. It's like a gentle caress against your skin. With every use, you'll experience a soothing embrace that redefines comfort. Distinguished by its exquisite waffle border, which not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom, but also increases its absorbency. This waffle pattern is formulated to effectively remove moisture, leaving the user feeling refreshed and nurtured. AVALON BATH TOWEL 550GSM 4P
These towels are perfect for jazzing up your Airbnb.
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face washers
Dusty Primrose
Fir Green
Soft Sand
Warm Silver

Onkaparinga Avalon Face Washer 4pk

$10.40 ex GST
Think of the face washer as your daily skincare companion. It's a small yet essential item that adds a touch of tenderness to your cleansing routine. Delicately soft against your skin, it's like a gentle whisper of comfort. Whether you're cleansing, exfoliating, or just pampering yourself, this little gem ensures your face feels refreshed and rejuvenated every time you use it AVALON FACE WASHER 550GSM 4PK The Avalon Face Washer combines functionality and style. Its timeless design effortlessly complements any bathroom décor, transforming your bathroom into a place of luxury. Investing in the Avalon Face Washer means investing in enduring quality. Even after multiple washes, it retains its softness and absorbency, ensuring it remains your trusted companion for years to come.
These towels are perfect for jazzing up your Airbnb.
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bath towel
Blush Pink

Onkaparinga Flinders Bath Towel 4pk

$80.00 ex GST
A luxurious bath towel is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a shower or a relaxing bath. This generously sized essential- flinders bath towel is designed to provide a warm and inviting embrace after a relaxing shower or bath. Its absorbency and softness make it the ideal partner for drying, immersing oneself in a luxurious environment, and putting the guest in pure comfort. Onkaparinga Flinders Bath Towel is made with care and attention to detail, this exquisite collection of bed and bath essentials offers a range of luxurious bed linens to ensure a restful night's sleep, as well as luxurious bath towels to enhance your daily routine. FLINDERS Bath Towel 600GSM 4PK These towels are perfect for jazzing up your Airbnb. Check out other Onkaparinga Flinders Bath Towel Range including: Flinders Face Washer  Flinders Hand Towel  Flinders Bath Sheet Flinders Bath Mat

Astor White Commercial Bath Towel Range

$2.10$200.00 ex GST

These high-quality terry cloth white bath towels are a timeless luxury every hotel room, resort, and Airbnb should have.

Made from extra absorbent 100% terry cotton fabric, these are the perfect white towels to pamper your guests after a long day out.

At 600 gsm with twin needle stitching and without borders, these make them durable and soft to the touch, yet can withstand frequent commercial laundering.

We also have soft bath robes and slippers made from terry cloth fabrics that would perfectly match this product.

Classic Commercial Towel Range 100% Cotton Ring Spun White 590gsm

$89.00$216.00 ex GST

Soft, absorbent, and thick cotton bath towels that give a luxurious feel!

There’s nothing like a bath towel that feels like it’s been woven from cotton clouds.

And there’s no better way to end your shower than with one of our thick, thirsty cotton bath towels.

Highly absorbent, super soft and fluffy, and quick drying – you’re going to love these white bath towels!

Kingdom Commercial Bath Towel Range 550gsm

$84.00$235.00 ex GST

The Kingdom commercial bath towels and sheets are specially made for the high demands of hotels, resorts, spas, gyms, and hospitals.

These high-quality 550 gsm bath towels and other toweling essentials are made from poly-cotton blend fabric and offer greater strength and resilience - durable and can withstand commercial laundering.

With generous sizing, it is perfect for guests who need extra wide coverage and high-absorption bath towels.

Looking for items like soaps, shampoos, and tissue boxes to add to your guests' bathroom? Visit our guest amenities and bathroom supply categories.

Classic Hand Towel 100% Cotton Ring Spun White 590gsm 35 Qty

$109.00 ex GST

Make hand drying a luxurious experience with these 100% cotton white hand towels.

Improper handwashing is the primary cause of germs and a major source of infections.

However, it can be a luxurious experience with these high-quality white hand towels.

Made from 100% cotton, they are natural, luxurious, and soft.

They absorb water thoroughly and will not leave any lint behind.

Great for use in hotels and resorts!

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