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Arkadia Drinking Chocolate Sachets 100 x 25g


We love hot cocoa and we know you do too!

We're all about helping you serve your guests with a delicious, convenient, and affordable chocolate drink.

Now you can do just that with Arkadia Drinking Chocolate sachets - our quick and easy solution to hot chocolate service in hotels.

All you need is water or milk and our specially wrapped packets to get the party started.

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Nestle – Complete Mix Hot Chocolate Sachet 100 pack 25 gm


Everyone loves sipping on hot chocolate - it's the perfect way to stay warm when you're feeling cold, and it's an excellent drink to have around when you're feeling tired or stressed.

Nestle Hot Chocolate Sachets are a quick and easy way to make a mug of delicious hot chocolate - just add milk to enjoy!

These hot chocolate sachets are perfect for restaurants, hotels, and cafes to offer customers.

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Nestle Milo Single Serve 100 pack 20gm

Nestle Milo – 100 single serves per carton. 20gm
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Aurora Black Tea Box 4 Compartment

Slimline 4 compartments black box with lid. Aurora logo inside and outside box.
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Aurora Open Tea Box 1 Qty


With the Aurora Tea Box Organiser, you can finally organize your tea blends and make them easily accessible.

Made of high-quality natural wood, this tea box has 4 compartments for your silky, green, black, and fair trade tea blends.

It is elegant and yet has a smart design that will be a perfect addition to every room - in the kitchen, in your office, café, hotel, or even at a party.

It's a great gift for the tea lover in your life or a practical yet beautiful addition to your household.

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Chocochino Sachets 20g 100s


It's not a secret that Italians are the best cooks - Vittoria Chocochino Drinking Chocolate powder is a perfect example!

Made from the finest cocoa beans and ready to be used in just seconds, this dark, rich choco drink will tantalize your taste buds.

This drinking chocolate powder is good for your health, as well as your mood.

A healthier option than coffee, this drink will be perfect for hotel and restaurant use - not to mention when you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

You can make a really simple, healthy chocolate drink with this or you can get all fancy with spices like cinnamon and chili, herbs like cumin and ginger, and even fruit like pomegranate.

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Hot Cups 280ml Paper Dimple Black 500 Qty

500 units per carton 20 sleeves of 25 cups Coffee lids to suit: 79135
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White Coffee Sipper Lids 1000s

1000 units per carton Use with Dimple, Single or Double wall cups Coffee cups to suit: 396095
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