Basics Interleave Towel 1 Ply (150 Sheets) Ultraslim 16 Qty

$43.00 ex GST

Livi paper towels are a perfect solution for hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

They are economical, environmentally friendly, and convenient.

These paper towels are strong, soft, and absorbent, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Your guests will be left satisfied every time with these durable paper towels!

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Basics Interleave Towel 1 Ply (200 sheets) Multifold 20 Qty

$47.00 ex GST

These multipurpose multifold paper towels are perfect for wiping tables and counters in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels - plus they're great for home use.

Made from long-lasting, durable paper, these towels are soft and absorbent.

With a one-ply thickness, these paper towels are easy to use and take up less space than larger rolls of paper.

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Basics Toilet Paper 2 Ply (400 sheets) Emboss 48 Qty

$39.90 ex GST

Livi 2 ply toilet paper, a favorite for hotels, provides you with all the necessary features for your bathrooms.

With its ultra-soft and absorbent product, you can use this premium bathroom tissue to keep your restroom clean, fresh, and tidy all the time.

Plus, it's two-ply so you get twice the amount at this low price!

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