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28L Stainless Steel Tidy Bin 1 Qty

$146.00 ex GST

Open top trash can for Hotel lobbies, event centers, offices, and beyond.

We want to make your business look beautiful and a cylindrical open-top stainless steel trash can will do just that.

Its sleek design will help you keep your lobby free of trash and make it the envy of all your competitors.

You'll be able to keep your lobby looking great with this 28-liter capacity rubbish bin that's perfect for any high-traffic area.

Our white bin liner is compatible with this product.

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45L Stainless Steel Tidy Bin 1 Qty

$199.00 ex GST
201 Grade Stainless Steel brushed Rubber rim on base Galvanized liner with handle Size: 300 D x 650 H mm
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57L Bullet Bin Black 1 Qty

$237.00 ex GST

Commercial rubbish bin designed for aesthetics and practicality.

Keep your commercial space clean and tidy with our black rubbish bin!

This 57-liter indoor rubbish bin is the perfect size for collecting chaotic messes from a busy kitchen.

Thanks to the heavy-duty, black powder-coated finish, this bin can be used in hotels, pubs and restaurants, offices, schools, and more.

We have a white liner available here in LePack that goes well with this product.

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60L Stainless Steel Urban Open Top Bin 1 Qty

$286.00 ex GST

Large capacity 60 litre garbage bin for businesses with lots of foot traffic.

Clear the clutter and keep your business neat with our 60L garbage bin.

It's been designed to be easy to clean and has a tough, finger-print resistant finish that looks great.

With its open top, this open-top trash bin is ideal for high-traffic areas, and its lightweight design makes it easy to move around.

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62L Swing Top Hammertone Bin 1 Qty

$242.00 ex GST

Stylish retro swing top rubbish bin with hammertone finish!

Make a statement.

Look good doing it.

Keep your surroundings clean with this Compass flip-top garbage bin's sleek, stylish design and high-demand functionality.

It's a highly effective way to keep your area free of trash, we promise!

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62L Swing Top Stainless Steel Bin 1 Qty

$279.00 ex GST
Complete with galvanized liner & rubber base to protect the floor The swing mechanism can be unbolted so the bin
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10L Stainless Steel Lobby Bin With Ashtray 1 Qty

$141.00 ex GST

Reduce cigarette litter with this stainless steel trash can with ashtray on top!

Introducing the first of its kind, a stainless steel trash can with a built-in cigarette butt receptacle that helps cut down on unsightly cigarette litter.

With an elegant yet durable design, this is perfect for hotel lobbies, offices, and other indoor or outdoor areas!

Buy together with our white bin liner!

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