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Pure Revere Shampoo 30ml 300 Qty


We all want beautiful, healthy hair.

But what if you could get nourished hair?

Our nourishing shampoo, with a fresh and hearty fragrance of blood orange, is formulated with antioxidants and vitamins to give your hair the nourishment it needs while keeping you looking good.

Made from premium ingredients, our Pure Revere shampoo is packaged in a recyclable squeeze bottle so you'll never have to worry about spilling it or wasting packaging.

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Pure Revere Conditioner 30ml 300 Qty


The only hydrating hair conditioner you need for moisturized hair that's not going to weigh it down.

Suitable for every hair type, and great for those who want to grow their hair out.

This Pure Revere conditioner will leave you feeling refreshed without the hassle of harsh chemicals or unruly tangles.

It's perfect for use in hotels and motels, so you can undercut the competition and raise your prices without worrying about the quality of your service.

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Pure Revere Hand and Body Wash 30ml 300 Qty


This relaxing bath and shower gel is the perfect way to pamper your guests.

With moisturizing ingredients and a refreshing, clean smell, this fragrant shower gel will leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and rejuvenated.

A perfect way to start the day, or wind down in the evening!

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Pure Revere Hand and Body Lotion 300 Qty


Whip up some self-care for your skin with this moisturizing body lotion for dry skin.

This product will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, and moisturized so that you can feel great about yourself.

It's your time to shine!

With the invigorating fragrance of blood orange, it's a treat for your senses.

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Pure Revere Sachet Soap 15g 400 Qty


Slim and tidy, these mini hotel-size body soaps are perfect for your bathroom, guest bathroom, office kitchen, or to take with you on vacation.

With a clean and refreshing scent of blood orange, these tiny sachet soaps make every day feel like a spa day.

Available in bulk buy at a wholesale price.

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Pure Revere Sachet Wrap Soap 20g 400 Qty


This wrapped body soap bar is a luxurious soap that comes in a unique design that is sure to be the talk of any bathroom it graces.

Its soft texture and fragrance can be seen and felt and will make guests feel pampered.

With a luxury hotel bathroom experience like this, your guests will feel like they’re in their own homes.

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Dental Kit Boxed 100 Qty

Hotels, resorts, medical centers, and Airbnb accommodations need to provide an environment that will make guests feel at home - we want their stay to be as comfortable as possible. One way we do this is by providing a variety of amenities such as a dental care kit. It's not just about having a toothbrush and toothpaste available for them, but also making it convenient for them to use these oral care items. The white color of the dental care kit also matches an array of designs and colors that may be present within the guest room, making it easy to showcase these hospitality items. The box contains 100 dental kits.
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Sanitary Bag Boxed 250 Qty


When guests stay at your hotel, our sanitary pad disposal bags are the perfect touch.

It's an important component within guest rooms, as it allows guests to discard personal hygiene items in a separate receptacle.

Providing these disposable sanitary bags will show your guests that you care.

Each carton contains 250 individually boxed sanitary bags.

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Shaving Kit Boxed 100 Qty


Get hair-free legs in just minutes with this essential hair shaving kit.

Each kit contains a razor and moisturizing cream, as well as a skin-friendly moisturizer designed for safe, skin-healthy shaving.

A good addition to a white bathroom amenity tray.
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Shower Caps Boxed 250 Qty


Your guests will thank you when you buy these disposable shower caps for their bathroom!

It protects hair from getting wet when bathing - a great way to cut down on time spent blow-drying and making hair frizz-free and breakage-free.

Each carton contains 250 disposable boxed shower caps.

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Vanity Kits Boxed 250 Qty


Find your guests' sense of home with our generic vanity kits for hotels, resorts, motels, and medical centers.

We have vanity kits for bathrooms and bedrooms - with cotton pads, combs, cotton buds, and more.

Guests will be able to create their own travel kits or be able to use the ones they already have when they're staying at your hotel.

Each box comes with 250 boxed vanity kits.

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Dental Kit sachet 100 Qty


Next time you're traveling, keep your peace of mind with our hotel dental kit!

It includes a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste that's small enough to tuck in your carry-on bag.

Packed in a white minimalist-designed sachet, we make sure you feel cared for no matter where you are.

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