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Compass Compact Open Front Housekeeping Trolley 1 Qty

$424.00 ex GST

Durable hotel housekeeping trolley - a perfect solution for hotel housekeepers.

The open-top design allows you to see all items without having to pull them out of the cart. The cleaner’s cart also includes 2 vinyl bags that can be used for linens and other items. Built for heavy-duty use, the cart will last you through years of service as you move around your hotel with it. A compatible top tray organizer is available for this product.
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Compass Deluxe Hard Front Housekeeping Trolley 1 Qty

$1,050.00 ex GST

This heavy duty laundry trolley is perfect for any busy hotel.

It's designed to meet the laundry demands of a hotel where it is essential that clothes are washed, dried, and ironed quickly.

What's more, this large-capacity laundry trolley is easy to push or pull. It has a hard cover with lockable doors and heavy-duty castor wheels.

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Compass Hard Front Housekeeping Trolley 1 Qty

$684.00 ex GST

Heavy-duty cleaning trolley designed with housekeepers in mind.

You'll no longer be running from room to room with a heavy bucket and mop.

Our hospitality-designed cleaners trolley is so quick and easy to assemble, that it will only take you a few minutes.

It even has castor wheels and brakes, so you can easily maneuver around any obstacle!

Add in its replacement trolley bag and there's no need for regular cleaning supplies storage.

This product has a top tray divider organizer sold separately.

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EDCO Room Service Cart Small 1 Qty

Original price was: $550.00.Current price is: $475.00. ex GST

Let our room service trolley make your cleaning chore easier!

It has a large capacity for carrying everything you need to efficiently and thoroughly clean any room.

The fully-reversible wheels are ideal for navigating tight spaces and with the brake, this room service carrier can be securely locked in position during transit.

It's perfect for hotels and B&Bs that need a trolley to collect beddings, clean rooms, and carry housekeeping tools and supplies.

This carrier has a compatible top tray organizer sold separately.

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Compass Collapsible Laundry Cart 300L 1 Qty

$291.00 ex GST

Large capacity collapsible laundry cart with wheels- perfect for decluttering!

Say goodbye to heavy, hard-to-store carts for laundry!

Our foldable laundry cart is perfect for those who want to declutter their hotels, motels, lodges, and B&Bs more efficiently.

Made from high-quality materials and sturdy steel, it will last a lifetime.

It's collapsible for easy storage and has a 300-liter capacity bag.

The wheels have locks too so that you can take your laundry around with ease.

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Compass Janitors Cart With Lid 1 Qty

$195.00 ex GST

With the Compass Janitor Cart, cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3.

Stop lugging your heavy supply cart around and get on the ground with this lightweight housekeeping cart.

We've got you covered with a design that's easy to maneuver and super convenient to store housekeeping supplies.

Janitors cart with a zippered bag, you'll be able to load up on all your heavy-duty cleaning needs without breaking a sweat.

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Compass Laundry Scissor Cart With Bag 195L 1 Qty

$164.00 ex GST

Take all your laundry in one go with this laundry hamper on wheels!

If you've ever found yourself lugging around heavy bedding bags on your way to the laundry, it's time for an upgrade.

Introducing our rolling laundry hamper.

With castor wheels and a sturdy shelf, this movable hamper can save you hours of time and effort by making cleaning up easy.

It's perfect for hotels and B&Bs, as well as anyone who wants to stay organized at home!

We also have a 195L laundry bag compatible with this laundry trolley.

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Compass 3 Shelf Utility Cart 1 Qty

$207.00 ex GST
The Compass 3 Shelf Utility Cart comes with the features listed below Multi-purpose three tier mobile cart Durable PVC wheels
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Compass Compact 3 Shelf Utility Cart Black 1 Qty

$165.00 ex GST

Three shelf utility cart - the perfect cart for the hard-working hotel staff.

This 3 tier multifunctional cart is perfect for use in the hospitality industry, but it can also be used in other industries.

The top shelf is the perfect place for linens and cleaning supplies. The middle shelf can hold dishes and more. The bottom shelf provides storage for baskets and other items.

This cart is made to last, so you won't have to worry about having to buy a new one anytime soon.

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EDCO Utility Cart Black 1 Qty

$245.00 ex GST

Three-shelf all-purpose utility cart with wheels for hotel housekeepers!

This multipurpose utility cart is a must-have for any hotel or hospitality professionals who want to keep their guests happy and their housekeeping service organized.

It's super lightweight, easy to maneuver, and perfect for organizing linen closets or transporting supplies from the laundry room to guest rooms.

When it's time for housekeeping, our cart is a lifesaver!

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EDCO Janitor Cart – Blue (80ltr bag) 1 Qty

$215.00 ex GST

A housekeeping trolley that keeps everything tidy and organized!

Your cleaning trolley is the hub of your work. Keep everything tidy and organized with this EDCO janitor cart trolley.

It has a 3-tier shelf for storing your housekeeping supplies, perfect for keeping all your cleaning tools together.

What's more, this cart has an 80L vinyl bag for storage and transporting heavy items.

A perfect housekeeping solution for hotels, B&Bs, hospitals, event centers, and supermarkets.

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EDCO Deluxe Plastic Scissor Trolley Complete With Bag 1 Qty

$176.00 ex GST

EDCO Scissor Trolley - a must-have for every hotel housekeeper.

Cleaning is a drag.

Luckily, EDCO has made it much easier with this heavy-duty plastic utility cart.

This trolley is built to last, can hold up to 155 litres (which is A LOT of supplies), and comes equipped with hooks for easy storage and transport of hotel housekeeping supplies.

Say farewell to backaches, lengthy walks, and being stuck in the same place all day!

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Carts & Trolleys

Our team at LePack have selected only the best quality carts and trolleys to offer our providers. They are purpose-driven and a staple item in the hospitality industry. Our carts and trolleys can be used in various professions such as cleaning, restaurants, offices, and more.

Available in a variety of materials, styles and load-bearing capabilities, our carts and trolleys can help. Whether your team need to shift heavy loads, store items or hazardous goods, we are confident we have a solution to suit.

Some popular carts and trolleys LePack have on offer:

Plastic utility carts

What is a plastic utility cart?

Plastic utility carts have many uses but are primarily used for foodservice such as delivering meals, stowing supplies and equipment etc. Rather than having to go back and forth carrying food to the recipient, it is simply placed on the cart.

Our plastic utility carts come in three different styles. Each feature three convenient and sturdy shelves that are perfect for transporting and storing food. With handles at each end and lockable castor wheels, these trolleys are not only a breeze to manoeuvre but highly safe too. Utility carts are suited to many industries and are commonly found in nursing homes, warehouses, kitchens, hospitals, schools and more. They are lightweight yet extremely durable and can move over various surfaces with ease.

Housekeeping and janitor trolleys

What are housekeeping and janitor trolleys?

Housekeeping and janitor trolleys are a mobile cleaning cart that is used to store and transport cleaning products and equipment. They enable cleaners to shift their supplies with minimal effort which drastically reduces the risk of strain and effort. Housekeeping and janitor trolleys boost productivity and save a considerable amount of time from multiple trips.

Lepack has an array of housekeeping and janitor trolleys available with one or two nylon bag options for clearing up used goods quickly and safely. Our trolleys have been designed to reduce the physical impacts of housekeeping duties within accommodation settings such as nursing homes and hotels. Our larger trolleys can hold 110kg and have hard lockable doors with storage shelves. LePacks housekeeping and janitor trolleys offer a generous area for storing cleaning products and can carry items such as vacuums, mops, brooms with ease. All have swivel wheels with brakes, and we have replacement bags and wheels available.

Laundry carts

What is a laundry cart?

A laundry cart allows workers to move large volumes of linen, washables etc without having to carry it against their body. It is simply lifted and put into the nylon bag ready for transportation. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination and injuries. Laundry carts improve efficiency and are often utilised by health and hospitality sectors.

Whether you need a small or large laundry cart, LePack can help. Our laundry carts come in a heavy-duty, large size and smaller sizes which are all collapsible. When folded down, they reduce in size by 75% which is great for storage purposes when not in use. They are strong, durable and our nylon bags are suited to moisture exposure without the risk of damage.

Benefits of having carts and trolleys for your workplace

    • Improve efficiency and productivity, they make physical tasks easy.
    • Reduce the risk of manual handling injuries and improves overall safety for employees.
    • To make transportation smooth and to reduce strain on the body, there are different wheel types such as swivel wheels, fixed and non-marking.

If you are starting out as a business or looking to update the carts and trolleys at your workplace, get in touch with our friendly LePack team to discuss your options or simply browse our selection online.