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Complete Breakfast Pack Range

$140.00 ex GST

Breakfast starts with a smile.

Skip the long lines and grab this complete breakfast pack!

It will help you last through your morning to keep you energized and full of energy.

Whether it's a quick breakfast before your morning exercise, or a hearty meal to power you through the day, this breakfast pack is perfect for both sweet and savoury taste palettes.

All inclusive with cereal, milk, snack bar, brownie, and popper juice.

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Variety Breakfast Pack Range

$145.00 ex GST

What's not to love about these breakfast variety packs?

LePack offers six different varieties to mix and match so you can choose a new favourite every day of the week.

With our delicious breakfast options, guests will never get bored of their breakfast routine.

LePack breakfast packs are ideal for any accommodation in-room services as well as tour groups.

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Deluxe Breakfast Pack Range

$170.00 ex GST

You know that feeling you get when you're really hungry and everything around you looks delicious?

That's how we get you each morning, with our healthy and delicious breakfast packs for motels and hotels.

We make it really easy for you and your guests to find something filling to eat in the morning, so they're not left with a grumbling stomach.

So what are you waiting for? Fill up on breakfast with these deluxe breakfast packs!

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On The Go Breakfast Pack Range

$125.00 ex GST
Wake up to a new way of breakfast! Grab one of our convenient and delicious grab and go breakfast packs to make you and your guests' mornings easier. We have pre-made, filling breakfast options for everyone including wholegrain cereal, snack bar, fruit juice, and milk!
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Gluten Free Breakfast Pack Range

$153.00 ex GST

Gluten Free Breakfast Packs for Hotels to Keep Guests Satisfied

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it starts with one of these healthy gluten free packs.

These gluten free breakfast packs for hotels are specially designed for your guests with gluten sensitivity.

They're perfect for business travellers who are constantly on the go, and they can be used in a variety of accommodations like hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and ski resorts.

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Mini Breakfast Pack Range

$135.60 ex GST

Ever been in a rush and had no time to make breakfast?

Get set, go and enjoy a hearty breakfast on the go with our mini individual breakfast packs.

Packed with cereal, milk and a snack bar - these are perfect for busy mornings.

You can be sure to get a healthy breakfast with these delicious and convenient breakfast essentials packs.

You can bring a few for work or school as a quick breakfast.

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