All The Essentials A Hotel Room Should Provide

All The Essentials A Hotel Room Should Provide

When staying in accommodation, there is a certain level of cleanliness, quality, and essentials that your guests expect with their stay. Your attention to detail and the quality of your essential items can be the difference between your guests returning or not. The hotel industry is extremely competitive and you should aim for better than average to make your venue stand out from the rest.
The price of the accommodation doesn’t dictate the quality and enjoyment of your guests’ stay either. There are many things that can make someone’s stay pleasant such as the staff, comfortability, convenience, and the location. Here are all the essentials you should be providing in your hotel room.

Comfortable beds

A comfortable bed with clean linen is non-negotiable. Most people don’t function to their full potential when they’ve had a terrible night’s rest. If your beds are uncomfortable, it is very unlikely that your guests will return or recommend your hotel to others.


Wi-Fi is a standard-essential that should be included in your guests stay, preferably for free. It should have a strong connection and be easy to connect to.

Tea and coffee station

There are very few people who don’t enjoy a coffee or cup of tea throughout the day. You should provide your guest with tea bags, coffee, sugar, and milk. Additionally, there should be a kettle with tea and coffee cups along with teaspoons.

Ample power points

The reality is most people have a phone or electrical device that they bring with them on their travels and they use them often, which means they will need to be recharged. There’s nothing worse than shifting furniture around trying to find an illusive powerpoint. Ensure your rooms have sufficient power points that are easily accessible.

Hotel and local directory

Information on the hotel, how to contact reception and how to work the amenities in the room should be included here as well as information on the local area. If you have guests staying from interstate or internationally, they may not be familiar with all the best attractions, restaurant’s, and activities on offer.

Heating, cooling, and lights should be easy to use

These shouldn’t be complicated to use. Even if you think using them is straightforward, still include instructions in your hotel directory.


Tissues aren’t typically something people look for when they enter their hotel room however, they do come in handy and are appreciated when needed. There’s nothing worse than blowing your nose into scratchy toilet paper.

Generous lighting

All areas of the room should have adequate lighting. There should be bedside reading lights on both sides of the bed that are easy to reach and turn on.

Window coverings

Ideally, you should have a sheer curtain and a thicker block out covering. The sheer curtain/covering enables guests to let in the light whilst still maintaining their privacy. A block out allows guests to enjoy a sleep in if they wish by making the room dark.

Light breakfast options

If you don’t include a full breakfast with your stay, it’s nice to offer your guests some light breakfast choices to start their day off on the right foot. Breakfast packs that include items such as cereals, juices, muffins, fruit, and muesli are usually well received by guests.

Soundproof rooms

Nothing will spoil your guests’ stay more than hearing noisy people next door coming in and out of all hours of the night or a baby crying. Even for budget friendly accommodation, this is an absolute essential.

A clock

Whilst most people have a phone, it’s important to remember that not everyone does, and some people don’t like to have their phones near them whilst they are sleeping. An alarm clock with an easy to read time is suitable.


Providing towels is standard practice. Preferably they should be white, soft, plush and free of stains, rips, and tears. You will need to supply your guest with bath towels, a bathmat, hand towels and washcloths.

Bottled water

Even if you don’t have a mini bar, you should supply bottled water either complimentary or for a cost. Some people do not drink tap water and not having any bottled water on hand can be an inconvenience.

Somewhere to put luggage

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant closet, something as simple as a folding rack is sufficient. They are easy to handle and store.

Table and chairs

It’s nice to have somewhere to sit in the room other than the bed to enjoy a cup of tea or to have a light snack. If your hotel primarily caters to business travellers, you should consider a desk.


Basic toiletries should be offered to your guests at the minimum. Some only travel with carry on and are relying on the toiletries supplied at their hotel to get them through their stay. The four main basics that should be included are shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and body wash.

The essentials that you offer your guests can have a big influence on the overall satisfaction of their stay. It is crucial to the success of your business that your guests enjoy staying at your hotel to increase the likelihood of them returning. We specialise in accommodation supplies here at Lepack and have options to suit every hotel and budget. If you have any questions, contact our friendly team today.

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