Hotel Management Tips: How to Handle Large Group Bookings

How to handle large group booking

Handling Large Group Bookings

A large hotel booking is a reservation of several rooms in a hotel for an event or the accommodation of large groups. These reservations are often booked at the same time and can be done online, over the phone, or in person.

The benefits of booking hotels for large groups include that it can be cheaper than booking individual rooms and if there are any problems with one room, there are still other rooms available.

Large Group Bookings: A Huge Challenge for Hotel Managers

In the hospitality industry, large group bookings are a challenge for hotel managers because they require a lot of time and effort to organize. 

In addition to the time, hotel managers must also make sure all of their staff members have enough hours to cover all of the days that the group will be staying.

When it comes to large group bookings, hotel managers should be prepared for the following: 

  • The sheer volume of bookings that need to be dealt with

A hotel can have hundreds of reservations for a single day, and it’s not uncommon for larger hotels to have thousands of reservations per day.

  • The number of people involved in booking large groups in your hotel. 

In addition to the guests who are staying at the hotel, some people will be visiting but not staying, like family members or friends who are coming to visit.

  • The amount of work involved in handling large group bookings.

There needs to be an understanding of how many rooms will be needed, how many staff will be needed on hand, and what additional services need to be offered.

How to Organize Your Hotel Staffing for a Large Group Booking

Hotel staff is the backbone of any hotel. They are responsible for everything from cleaning the rooms, to preparing food in the kitchen, to making sure that all of your guests are satisfied with their stay.

When a large group booking comes in, hotel managers are faced with several challenges. How do they find enough staff to work on the day of the event? How do they ensure that all their guests are happy? And how do they manage their staffing budget?

Large bookings are a great way to increase your hotel’s revenue. The more rooms that are booked, the more you can charge per room. However, this comes with the risk of increasing your staff’s workload.

There are many ways to organize your staff for large bookings. 

  • Hire temporary staff for the event or shift.

Some added staff members for large events would include security guards, security monitors, waiters, cloakroom attendants, and stewards.

  • Hire more permanent staff who work year-round at the hotel

Although this can be an expensive option, this is one of LePack’s top recommendations for handling group bookings effectively. 

  • Use a staffing agency that specializes in large-scale events and conferences

Unlike traditional recruitment, staffing agencies specialize in event staffing. They have the knowledge, expertise, and connections to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Staff planning is a crucial process for hotels. It ensures that your hotel is operating at its fullest potential and at the same time, it also ensures that your guests are satisfied with their stay. 

When you are faced with large bookings, it becomes even more important to have a good staff planning process in place.

Top 4 Dos and Dont’s of Dealing with Large Bookings in Hotels

When dealing with large bookings, it’s important to take into account the guest’s needs and the hotel’s requirements. 

Here are the top 4 dos and don’ts for handling large bookings in hotels.

1. Do plan ahead. 

When a large booking comes in, it’s important to prepare for it as soon as possible. This will give you more time to figure out how to handle the booking and make sure that everything, from your hotel kitchen and housekeeping supplies to bathroom amenities, is in place before the guests arrive. 

2. Don’t forget about your staff.

It is also important not to forget about your staff when handling large bookings. Make sure they have enough time off so that they can rest and recharge before taking care of another group of guests who have arrived at your hotel. 

3. Do be flexible.

One of the things that help with large bookings is being flexible. When a group of guests arrives, it’s important to accommodate the needs of each individual. For example, if someone wants an early check-in time and the rest of the group wants to stay at the hotel longer than expected, you need to be able to accommodate both parties.

4. Don’t forget about the details.

Making sure that you know what is being covered in your contract and that you have a plan for anything can help avoid any potential mishaps or misunderstandings. It’s also important for you to understand the needs of your guests and be able to address them when needed.

Conclusion: Why Group Bookings Are Important and How They Can Drive Hotel Performance

In the last few years, group bookings have become a key source of revenue for hotels. They are also one of the most profitable areas of a hotel business.

Hotels are realizing that they need to do more to keep up with the competition and attract more customers. Group bookings are one way that hotels can increase their revenue and customer satisfaction.


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