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How You Can Make Your B&B Better Than The Rest!


Running a B&B is a competitive business and ensuring that your guests enjoy every facet of their stay is essential to your success. There are many ways you can enhance your guest’s experience and set your B&B apart from your competitors. Here’s what you need to know.

Be better than your competition

The key to a successful B&B is continuously striving to be better than your competitors. When you provide your guests with a superior stay they will return and recommend your accommodation to others. It’s a good idea to investigate what inclusions popular B&B’s in your area are offering with their stay.

You can do this via their website and social media platforms, truth be told, many people find their accommodation on social media pages. It is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote your business and can provide insightful information on the facilities, food and the quality of the rooms. Check local B&B reviews, this can help you establish what people are loving from their stay and what they are not impressed with. You can implement this information into your everyday business.

Reasonable pricing

For many, the cost is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a B&B so it is important to get this right. Your B&B pricing needs to be reasonable and in line with your competitors in the area. If you choose to price your stay higher than others similar to yours, what is your point of difference that makes your pricing valid? If you don’t have one, you’re unlikely to attract as many customers as you would like. Offering value for money and a price slightly lower than your competition can lead to more bookings. Adjust your pricing to match the season, even in the busier times of the year, still try to include specials offers or something that sets you apart from others in your area.

Get professional photos

The first things people look at when deciding on their accommodation is the pictures so the photos you upload must represent your B&B in the best light. Hiring a photographer can make your business look more professional and encourage guests to choose your venue over others. The images you post online must match the everyday look of your B&B, if not it can leave guests feeling dissatisfied when arriving and seeing it in real life.

The quality of your rooms

You must offer rooms to the same quality if not better than your competitors, if your budget doesn’t allow for this, start by adding or updating necessary items as you go. One of the most crucial items to get right in the room is the bed. It doesn’t matter how amazing the rest of the B&B is, if your guests have an uncomfortable sleep, it can completely ruin their stay. Ensure each room is fitted with comfortable and clean mattresses.

Added extras

Whilst most B&B rooms include the basics such as a coffee and tea station and toiletries, it helps by including some unexpected extras. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Include something for free

Everyone likes free stuff! It doesn’t have to be something elaborate and costly a simple gesture such as a complimentary beverage on arrival or breakfast pack can impress your guests.

  • Take the time to get to know your guests

When your guests arrive, make them feel welcome by having a chat with them about what their interests are, favourite food etc. From the information gathered you can recommend local activities and restaurants to match their tastes.

  • Room upgrade

If you have availability and varied quality rooms, offer your guests a free upgrade. This is a nice and unexpected surprise that is sure to be well received by your guests.

Breakfast options

As your business is a Bed and Breakfast, the breakfast part of it must be done well. Many people opt for a B&B instead of a hotel because breakfast is included in their stay. Rather than offering your guests a standard breakfast, ask them what foods they like or provide a menu with a few different items on it for them to choose from. Check if they have any intolerances or dietary requirements and cater to them accordingly. To save time and money you can prepare some breakfast items ahead of time and freeze them such as muffin and scones. If you have guests leaving before breakfast service, providing them with a breakfast boxes that they can eat before heading off can leave a lasting impression.

Make effort

Without customer service, your business is unlikely to thrive. Ensuring that each customer has experienced exceptional customer service is vital to your businesses reputation. Your staff should be trained on how to manage situations promptly and efficiently. Being friendly and approachable, meeting all their needs and going the extra mile will make your guests stay more enjoyable, they will be more inclined to book in the future and recommend your stay to others.

The B&B industry is fiercely competitive and offering just the basics and good customer service isn’t going to set you apart from your competitors. Nowadays, guests expect more and are surprised and delighted when staying in accommodation. Word of mouth can either deter or attract business, so it is important that your guests have an enjoyable stay from start to finish.

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