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5 easy ways to boost your Food & Beverage performance

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From in-room snacks to pub meals and pop-up stalls to fine dining, Food & Beverage is central to the hospitality and accommodation sector.

As people’s tastes have become more sophisticated, and with competition never fiercer, operators understand the need to offer more bang for the customer’s buck. The good news is that it need not cost the Earth.

LePack is one of Australia’s leading Food & Beverage suppliers to the accommodation and hospitality sector. Check out these convenient and cost-effective measures to ensure your Food & Beverage operation will impress customers and keep your hard-earned reputation intact or, better still, on the up.

1. Customer care

There are few things more damaging to any business than sub-standard customer service. Offering a little more in terms of service, choice and reward is a great idea that is easy to deliver.

In a restaurant setting, a warm welcome on the customer’s arrival is a nice touch that costs nothing. A drink and a comfortable seat in a designated waiting area is another positive. At the table, attentive and knowledgeable staff always make a great impression.

Loyalty cards and discount vouchers are another effective way to reward regular custom, while special offers for special occasions (e.g., Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries) also work well.

Hotels can get in on the act too, and enlisting LePack’s help makes good business sense.

For instance, if you have guests who need to check out early or late, LePack’s breakfast/snack packs are convenient, delicious and really show you are thinking about your customers. Our in-room meal packages are also excellent value, and there is no waiting for delivery. Also, your staff will never need to assemble meal packs. LePack has already done it for you, saving you more time and money while keeping your customers satisfied.

2. Food for thought

Time was when the vegetarian option on a menu was generally a case of removing the protein and simply serving up the veggies or salad. Today, people have a range of dietary needs and choices – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, pescatarian, low-fat, sugar-free, paleo and more.

From a provider’s perspective, it pays to remember that healthy eating is not a trend; it is a lifestyle choice and a dietary imperative. We respect that at LePack, which is why we offer such an extensive range of breakfast, snack and meal packs.

And while your Food & Beverage operation may preclude catering for every eating option, recognition of dietary diversity – where possible – shows you are mindful of your customers’ needs. With a little effort, you can enhance your reputation and profile, broaden your menu, and support your marketing and branding potential.

3. Get strategic on social  

Speaking of marketing and branding, Food & Beverage is all about being social, and social media is the modern messiah when it comes to getting your name out there.

This is not simply a case of making random postings and hoping for the best. A thorough and well-planned social media strategy means targeting your audience, knowing your strengths and selling points, identifying the best platforms for your business, creating innovative and scheduled posts, monitoring responses and responding to them quickly.

4. Deals on meals 

Off-peak rates apply for transport, power, water and other areas of life. Have you considered a similar process for your Food & Beverage operation?

During quieter times, attractive deals on food and drinks are inviting for customers. With smaller and simpler servings – e.g., ideal for morning or afternoon tea – you can open a new revenue stream to complement your busy periods. Also, if you are changing or adding to your menu, why not offer a free tasting to customers in the days beforehand? It is like a bite-sized hint of the bigger treat to come.

LePack’s wholesale snack, meal and breakfast boxes are easy to use and highly appreciated by guests and customers. They are a good deal and the real deal for customer satisfaction.

Use your imagination to finds ways to impress existing customers and attract new ones. It may be off-peak, but as a strategy it is very much on-point.

5. Dine out on data

In today’s world, data rules. However, there is not much point in gathering data if you do not analyse it. Data can tell you what is working and not working in your Food & Beverage operation. It provides insight into customer needs, tastes and satisfaction, informs menu development, confirms peak times and weak times, and so much more.

Looking for hotel supplies in Australia, Contact LePack today.

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