Hotel Reputation Management: How To Get Guest Feedback and Reviews?

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How To Get Feedback and Reviews from Guests?

How to get feedback and hotel reviews? Guest feedback and reviews are essential aspects of the hospitality industry. Hotels always strive to provide excellent customer service, including taking care of any guest complaints and requests.

Hoteliers can get valuable feedback from their guests, which can help them improve their services and build a better reputation in the process. Feedback is available through various channels such as hotel surveys, reviews on social media, and even guest satisfaction surveys.

Guest Feedback and Guest Reviews: What’s the Difference? 

Guest FeedbackGuest feedback is a short survey that can be completed by guests after their stay at a hotel. Guest feedback surveys are usually completed on the hotel’s website or through an app on the guest’s phone. Guests are asked to answer questions about their stay, such as how they liked the room, what they didn’t like about the hotel, and if they would recommend it to others. Guest feedback surveys also provide an opportunity for guests to make suggestions for improvement

On the other hand, reviews are typically longer than guest feedback surveys and include more detail about a hotel guest’s experience at a hotel. Reviews are usually posted on third-party websites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Why Reviews and Guest Feedback Matter a Lot to the Hotel Industry

Feedback is an important part of a hotel’s reputation. Reviews and guest feedback provide insight into the customer experience and can have lasting effects on your hotel marketing. This is why it’s important for hotels to encourage their hotel guests to share reviews and feedback about their hotel stays.

Some benefits that hotels get from feedback and reviews include:

  1. Proactive Monitoring of Consumer Satisfaction

A customer feedback program is a great way to improve customer satisfaction. It can help you identify the areas that need improvement and make your customers feel valued.

Some companies use customer feedback software to gather feedback from their customers. These programs help businesses track and analyze their customer satisfaction in order to improve it.

  1. Greater Insight Into Your Hotel’s Offerings in the Hospitality Market

A hotel’s guest experience survey is a valuable tool for understanding the needs of its customers and how they are served. It is not just a question of asking what their needs are but rather understanding the context behind those needs.

The questionnaire should be designed to understand the guest’s experience at a hotel and should cover all aspects of the hotel, such as check-in, room services like clean towels and linens, food and beverage, housekeeping, spa treatments, etc.

  1. Better Customer Retention with Customer Loyalty Programs

Guest reviews are a great way to improve customer retention and loyalty. They provide the customer with an opportunity to give feedback on their experience.

Hotel reputation is determined by the number of reviews that they have and the average rating. A hotel with a high number of 5-star reviews will have better ratings than one with fewer reviews.

  1. Improved Staff Training

According to TripAdvisor, a hotel with a high guest feedback rating will have a greater chance of being booked by a potential guest. The staff at these hotels is also more likely to be happier and more satisfied with their jobs.

One of the reasons for this is that hotel guests are more likely to return to the hotel if they feel welcomed, which will lead them to provide better reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. This means that hotels need to invest in staff training and make sure that their staff is friendly.

  1. Improved Hotel Marketing Efforts

Hotels use customer feedback to improve their marketing strategy and marketing plan. They also use it to find out what customers like and dislike about their services. Hotels can then make changes based on these insights in order to better serve their customers and keep them coming back.

3 Tips To Get Guests to Leave Reviews For Your Hotel or B&B

Guest reviews can be a powerful hotel marketing tool. They are a great way to engage with customers, build your online reputation and drive more traffic to your website.

Guest reviews should be collected, managed, and used in the most effective way possible.

But how do you get reviews and feedback from hotel guests?

Here are some top recommendations from LePack, a premier online store that provides quality hotel and BnB supplies:

Step 1 – Make it as Easy as Possible for Hotel Guests to Leave You a Review

Asking customers to leave reviews is not enough. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Whether you are a large hotel or a small Airbnb rental property, you can offer your guests the option of leaving reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and social media platforms like Facebook. This will allow you to get more reviews from customers who are not regular travelers or who don’t use these sites regularly.

Step 2 – Create an Appealing Offer That will Motivate Guests to leave feedback or review

One of the best ways to encourage a customer to leave a review is by giving them something in return. This can be through discounts, free products or snack packs, or even a chance to win a free hotel stay. 

The most popular reward for leaving reviews is free products, with over 80% of respondents saying they would be more likely to leave a review if they were given a free product. Other incentives include awarding hotel guests loyalty or value points that can be redeemed for prizes like breakfast vouchers or spa treatments, while other types of programs might award points based on reviews and even offer discounts as a way to entice hotel guests to post reviews. 

Step 3 – Create a Remarkable Hotel Experience That Meets Guest Expectations

Designing a remarkable hotel experience begins with understanding what type of guest will be staying at your hotel. This can be done by gathering data from customer satisfaction surveys and conducting interviews with past hotel guests. From there, you can tailor your services and amenities to meet the needs of those specific types of hotel guests

For example, if you are targeting business travelers, then you would want to provide them with fast Wi-Fi service, a fitness center and a business center in order to make them feel more comfortable while they are away from home.


Conclusion: The Importance of Guest Feedback And Reviews To Hotels Today

Hotels are in a very competitive market. They are always trying to find ways to improve their customer service and facilities. One way they do this is by collecting feedback from their guests. Feedback provides hotels with the opportunity to identify what they are doing well and what they need to improve on.

Guest reviews also provide hotels with an opportunity to gain more publicity for themselves. Doing so will make them more visible on social media and search engines, which will lead to more customers booking rooms at their hotel in the future.


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