Why Quality Hotel Bed Linen Is Important to Guest Satisfaction

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What bed linen do hotels use for guests and how important is it for guests’ satisfaction? Hotel linen is a key component of hospitality. It is the fabric that hotel guests will be touching, sleeping on, and using for their hotel stay. 

In short, hotel linen is what makes a hotel feel like home.

Hotel bed linens are not just sheets. They include all types of bedding such as quilts, blankets, and pillows which are all important to providing comfort and relaxation for hotel guests.

Why Quality Linen Matter A Lot To Hotel Guests

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Guests travel for a myriad of reasons and they deserve a comfortable bed with quality linen that help them sleep soundly and peacefully. 

Guests get the following benefits when they get enough sleep:

  • Hotel guests who get enough rest and sleep while traveling has a healthy immune system. 

The amount of sleep a hotel guest needs varies. For example, a business guest needs to sleep longer compared to a leisure guest to be able to stay productive and efficient during meetings or presentations. But in general, adult guests require 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep help boosts the immune system of hotel guests. With a healthy immune system, hotel guests get protection from infections and diseases caused by exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other types of disease-causing germs.

  • Hotel guests get a huge boost in their memory and brain power when they can sleep properly during their stay in the hotel. 

Hotel guests who sleep well at night tend to have a better memory. It is not just because of the lack of sleep, but also the quality of sleep.

The quality of the sleep hotel guests get is not just based on how many hours they sleep, but also on how restful their sleep is. If they wake up feeling rested because they slept on quality bed linen, they are more likely to book again in your hotel. 

  • Hotel guests have a better mood and high productivity level with improved circadian rhythm when they get quality sleep during their hotel stay. 

There is a direct relationship between sleep and mood. A good night’s sleep can help hotel guests improve their mood and make them feel more energetic.

Hotels should make sure that their hotel guests get enough sleep to avoid feeling tired during the day. This means that they need to provide comfortable bed linen, comfy beds, and blackout curtains in order to create a dark environment where it is easier for people to fall asleep.

What Bed Linen Do Hotels Need For Their Guests?

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Nowadays, hotels are proactively responding to the needs of their guests by investing in quality linen and creating a better sleep experience for their hotel guests

Experienced hoteliers understand that quality linen has become a top priority for hotel guests. Not only do they want to sleep on a comfortable bed, but they also want to sleep on quality linen that feels good and breathable. 

Choosing quality linen that helps guests get quality sleep can be a daunting task. LePack is here to make the process easier by making it easier for you by explaining what each linen type is and how to choose linen quality that fits your hotel needs. 

Pillows and Pillow Cases.

Hotel guests are increasingly looking for hotels with comfortable and durable pillows. Making sure pillows are available in the right number, in the right sizes, and with the right kind of pillowcases is an important part of providing a good sleep experience to hotel guests. 

White Sheets and Towels.

Sheets and towels are considered the most important part of a hotel. The quality of these bedding materials is what makes the difference between a luxurious stay and a mediocre one. There are many factors that determine the quality of a bed sheet, but let’s focus on the top two factors: thread count and fabric. 

The thread count is the number of threads per square inch in a given fabric. The more threads there are, the softer and more durable it becomes. In general, 300-400 threads per square inch is considered a good quality for sheets; for blankets, 400-600 is better.

Fabric refers to the type of material used to make these bedding products – cotton, polyester, wool or silk are some examples. Cotton is usually used for sheets because it’s breathable and has good elasticity; wool is best for winter because it has natural insulation properties; silk can be used in summer because it doesn’t absorb heat well so you won’t get too hot.

Mattress Toppers.

Hotels usually have costly mattresses that need replacement every few years because of wear and tear. Mattress toppers can be added on top of the mattress in order to provide extra comfort and support while also adding a layer of protection for the more expensive mattress underneath. They can be made of different materials, such as wool, cotton, latex, or memory foam.

Quilt and Quilt covers.

Quilts are a great alternative to sheets because they provide warmth and comfort. Quilts are filled with down, feathers, polyester fiber, or wool and are often more comfortable than sheets. They also provide an extra layer of warmth, which is perfect for the winter months. 

A good quality hotel quilt and quilt cover are made from high-quality materials, such as cotton and silk. They are also made so that they can withstand multiple washing and can be dried easily.

Runners and Cushions

Adding some softness to the hotel bed with a runner or cushion will make it much more comfortable and inviting for hotel guests. People often go to hotels for vacations or business trips and they are usually looking for the best experience possible during their stay, especially when hotel guests are paying a lot of money. A good night’s sleep on a hotel bed with beautiful runners and cushions is essential to this guest experience.

Bathrobes and Slippers

Though not part of the standard hotel bed linen category, we included these two items since they are important amenities that considerably affect guest satisfaction. 

Hotel bathrobes are a must for any hotel to provide for their guests. The quality of these robes can make or break a stay. It is important that they are comfortable, and stylish and have all the features that guests would want from them – pockets, belts, hoodies, etc. Some hotels go even as far as to offer personalized robes with embroidery or monograms.

Slippers are another important part of this equation because they provide comfort and style in one package. They should be soft and cozy but also look good on the feet of hotel guests walking around the hotel lobby and rooms.

Conclusion: What Bed Linen Do Hotels Use For Guests?

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Hotel guests want to feel comfortable and cozy when they’re sleeping on their hotel bed and this is where linen comes in. The type of linen that hotels use makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep that guests get while staying at the hotel.

Quality linen is an important part of any hotel stay, not only because it provides comfort to the guest but also because it can make or break the hotel’s bottom line.

For example, hotels that offer quality white linen in their hotel rooms have a higher chance of retaining their guests and getting them back for another hotel stay. This is especially true for high-end hotels where linen is often an important factor in whether or not a guest will return.

Wondering where to buy hotel quality sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and mattress protectors? LePack has the perfect solution for any of your hotel bedding needs. We carry quality hotel bed linen brands perfect for hospitality businesses like hotels, BnBs, resorts, vacation rentals, cruise liners, campgrounds, dorms, and serviced apartments.

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